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The Offshoring Research Network (ORN) global research team publishes a wide range of research findings, from survey reports to academic publications. The research focuses on the most salient topics and trends driving companies’ decisions to source business services in key locations around the globe.

The ORN’s primary research activities have focused on the annual Global Corporate Client Survey and the annual Global Service Provider Survey that track and document global sourcing trends. In addition, the ORN conducts flash surveys on current or emerging topics, for example the impact of the recent financial crisis on global sourcing.

ORN research has inspired a number of practitioner-oriented reports and business news articles. Through its advisory services and its collaborations with a number of private organizations, such as The Conference Board, IAOP, and PricewaterhouseCoopers, the ORN team has regularly presented and discussed findings with corporate clients, outsourcing professionals, and other interest groups. In addition, the ORN provides education programs, workshops, webcasts, as well as research services to founding members of the ORN Senior Executive Roundtables.

The ORN also collaborates with its business partners to conduct studies that illuminate company-level challenges with global sourcing, as well as new organizational capabilities and best practices. A number of MBA teaching cases and academic and practitioner-oriented publications have emerged from these studies.