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The publications authored by the Offshoring Research Network (ORN) team seek to advance knowledge about the antecedents, process, and effect of global sourcing, the transformation of global firm structures, and the emergence of global organizational capabilities.

Research papers based on ORN data have been presented at major academic conferences in the field of management and international business research, in particular at annual meetings of the Academy of Management, the Academy of International Business, and the European Group for Organizational Studies.

Further, ORN research papers have been or will be published in a number of major journals, including Long Range Planning, Academy of Management Perspectives, Journal of International Business Studies, and Harvard Business Review.

Academic Papers Published by the Global ORN Team

  • "The Growth of White-Collar Offshoring: Germany and the US from 1980 to 2006", European Management Journal, Aug. 2011, p245-259
  • "Governance Modes for Offshoring of Support Functions; A comparison of US and German Firms", International Business Review, (2011) Vol 20 (3), June 2011, p291-313
  • Micro Foundations of Internal and External Absorptive Capacity Routines. Organization Science, 22: 81-98, 2011
  • "Conceptual Issues in Services Offshoring Research: A Multi-disciplinary Review", Group & Organization Management, February 2011, Vol36 (1) p70-102
  • "From Blind Spots to Hotspots: How Knowledge Services Clusters Develop and Attract Foreign Investment". Journal of International Management, Vol16(4), Dec.2010, p369-382
  • "Role of Corporate-wide Offshoring Strategy on Offshoring Drivers, Risks and Performance", Industry and Innovation , special issue on Offshoring of Intangibles. Vol17(4), 2010 p 337-371
  • PDF Document"Why Are Companies Offshoring Innovation? The Emerging Global Race for Talent," Journal of International Business Studies, 40(2009), p901-925
  • PDF Document"A Dynamic Perspective on Next-Generation Offshoring: The Global Sourcing of Science and Engineering Skills", Academy of Management Perspective, August 2008, p35-54