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Admission Requirements

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You must fulfill the below requirements to participate in the Global Executive MBA program:

Visas For Non-U.S. Applicants

An F1 Student Visa is required to attend the first and the last residency in Durham, NC, USA. You will also need a visa if you decide to return to Durham to take electives or to earn a concentration during the optional Term 6. It is your responsibility to learn and fulfill the visa requirement for each residency. Learn more about student visas on the U.S. Department of State's website. International applicants should apply by May 3, 2017, to ensure sufficient time for visa processing. Contact our office if you plan to apply later.

Visas For U.S. Citizens

Each residency may require a visa, even for American citizens. It is your responsibility to learn and fulfill the visa requirement for each residency. Learn more on the U.S. Department of State's website about traveling abroad.


All students must have a valid, up-to-date passport to travel for residencies. It is highly advisable that you obtain a second passport if you travel extensively.

Tuition Deposit

A non-refundable deposit of 6,000 USD is due upon admission to the program and will be applied toward your overall tuition bill.

Credential Verification

Fuqua has retained Re Vera Services to verify the information included in applications. We do this to deter fraudulent applications and preserve the integrity of our community. If you are admitted, you will be provided with instructions on the verification process, which could take a few weeks to process. You will also be responsible for the fee for this service. Any omission, falsification or misrepresentation in your application, including violations of GMAT, GRE, or any ESL testing policies, is grounds for automatic revocation of all offers of admission and financial assistance, or expulsion from The Fuqua School of Business.

Orientation Attendance

All students must attend program orientation during the first residency in Durham, NC, beginning in July.

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