Olga Komleva

Student Perspective

Olga Komleva '12

"The Career Management Center helped me position and articulate my new skills for a promotion, choose a mentor within my company, and establish short and long-term career goals and plans."

Additional Information

Whether you wish to advance in your current organization, change your industry or function, or take a more entrepreneurial path, our Career Management Center (CMC) provides tools and services that will help you to define, attain, and manage your career goals. And don't be surprised if you discover you have strengths and talents you didn't realize you had and that you become interested in exploring opportunities you hadn't expected to. It's all part of going through this eye-opening experience.

The majority of Global Executive MBA students plan to stay with their current company, a smaller percentage wish to change their industry or function or both, and others wish to pursue an entrepreneurial path. Regardless of your goals, our progressive, multi-phased approach affords you with opportunities for career development assistance not only during your program, but throughout your entire career.

Our executive career services are a unique and growing initiative at Fuqua. Few top business schools have as many dedicated career resources for executives as we do.

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