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Planning Your Strategy

It may be beneficial to begin the sponsorship process well in advance of applying to the MBA program. First, read about your company's education reimbursement policy, then speak with colleagues who have gone through the process either at Duke or another school. Our admissions team may also be able to connect you with Fuqua alumni at your company who may be able to provide insight into how his/her sponsorship was handled. Although, our experience is that policies change and many people have different arrangements, even within the same organization.

Finally, before requesting sponsorship, you might find it helpful to be prepared with answers to the following questions:

  • How will furthering your education bring value to the organization?
  • How quickly can what you learn be applied at work?
  • How will the organization benefit from you earning a global MBA?
  • What are the advantages of receiving a top global MBA vs. one from a local or lower tier school?
  • What are your career plans after you graduate?
  • What are your thoughts about a post-MBA long-term employment contract?
  • Are you prepared to personally contribute to financing your MBA?

Regardless of your ultimate sponsorship arrangement, one thing we consistently hear from our students is that when you finish this program (and probably sometime before you actually graduate), you will be transformed. This is one of those experiences that will help define you, change you, and grow you.

Talk to our current students and alumni about the value of this experience before you make a decision about the cost of the program and whether you can afford it. And, remember whatever the outcome of your request for sponsorship from your employer, we offer financial aid and loans to both domestic and international students.

Next, explore some tips on obtaining sponsorship. Feel free to contact an admissions counselor as well for advice.