Additional Information

Below are a few tips and points of distinction that may help you as you seek support from your employer:

  • No other global MBA program has such a vast network. Fuqua has strategically embedded itself in the world's most important financial centers so executives can meet face-to-face with global businesses and political leaders. After experiencing our Global Executive MBA program, graduates often speak candidly of a process of self-discovery that has made them more valuable, culturally sensitive, and successful global leaders.
  • To bring our differences to life, leaders need to be part of a global experience to become true globalists. Through this program, students transform into leaders who appreciate and understand the variability of diverse cultures. Courses are taught from a historical, regulatory, and political context so students get a more in-depth perspective on a country's business processes. For any company to build a successful global footprint, their employees need to understand each host country's customs and rules to sustain long-term business relationships.
  • With an average age of 39 and 15 years of work experience, our students are at the optimum time in their career to pursue our Global Executive MBA. They possess a mature world view that is key to understanding the role culture plays in doing business in a new global landscape.