Anne Hardy

Employer Perspective

Anne Hardy, Vice President Developer Experience, SAP Labs, Palo Alto, CA

"As a leader, we have to make sure our employees continue to learn and stretch. I think graduate management education is relevant for SAP because the formal training of an MBA is hard to get on the job. In particular, the Fuqua program is relevant for us because of its leadership and global components."

Additional Information

Fuqua requires that you secure support from your employer for the Global Executive MBA program. Your employer letter of support should be included with your application and written on your company's letterhead.

Click here to view our full application requirements and click here to view a sample letter of support. (Proprietors or principals of a company can provide a letter of self-sponsorship.)

Past Sponsoring Organizations

Small and large employers alike have students in our program.  Below is a sampling of recent well-known company student sponsors:

Bank of America
Morgan Stanley
Deere & Co.
Coca Cola
Eli Lilly & Co.
Ernst & Young LLP
Marsh, Inc.
Pepsi Co.
Standard & Poors
DP World
Extreme Networks
Capital One
Deutsche Bank
Vale SA
Biogen Idec
Kimberly Clark