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In the News

Reporters from the Education Times, Times of India, sit in on a Global Executive residency in New Delhi, and write about experiences inside and outside of the classroom.

Speakers in Dubai

Shared Experience

Global Executive and Cross Continent MBA students shared a residency in Dubai in 2011. Students interacted with CEOs from BCG, Aramex,, Dubai Media Incorporated, and Majid Al Futtaim.

The Regional Experience

Our regional directors describe how they help you to become a better global business leader by providing engaging, insightful, and sometimes unexpected experiences.

Your residency experiences are at the core of what makes The Duke MBA—Global Executive program unique. The non-U.S. residencies are split between cities within the same region of the world, offering a rich cultural immersion experience. Typical residency sites include:

  • St. Petersburg & Istanbul
  • New Delhi & Shanghai/Kunshan
  • Latin America
  • Durham, North Carolina

As a member of a global cohort of executives, you'll meet your classmates in the most compelling economic regions of the world, where you'll see how business happens. You'll compare and contrast what you learn and experience in every region. The ultimate goal is not that you learn specifically how to do business in New Delhi, the Emirates, or Latin America, but rather to make you question why business happens the way it does, while providing you with a set of analytical tools to achieve better business outcomes anywhere in the world.

Unique Features and Benefits of Global Residencies:

Contract All Expand All

  • Embedded and Connected

  • Not Academic Tourism

  • Culture Trumps the Spreadsheet

  • Guest/Host Dynamics

  • Connecting Back to Duke

A Day in the Life of Your Residency

To help you envision your life during a residency, view a recent schedule from a European immersion. Some days you may begin by attending breakfast with a C-level executive who will discuss how the political landscape and adoption of a single currency has effected doing business in Europe. Then, you'll go to class; and afterwards, you'll break into teams to work on an assignment. The day will culminate with a Q&A with a local business leader.

Learn what to expect after a residency in your distance learning period.