Health Sector Advisory Council

The Health Sector Advisory Council (HSAC) bridges Fuqua's Health Sector Management (HSM) curricula with the challenges and opportunities of today's health care market. Founded in 2002, the HSAC provides industry leaders a forum to share expertise with faculty and students, to help shape the HSM offering, and to interact with existing and aspiring health care leaders.

The HSAC counts more than 30 members who represent 28 organizations across the health care spectrum.

  • Member input allows faculty and students to continually balance good science, policy, and business practices as they analyze emerging health care issues.
  • HSAC member gifts have allowed for the rapid expansion and continuous enhancement of HSM's teaching and research program. 
  • Enabled students to organize annual health care conferences travel within the United States and abroad to learn first-hand about health care opportunities, and compete in an annual life sciences start-up competition.


HSAC Members