HSM Corporate Engagement

Fuqua's Health Sector Management team and the Duke Center for Health Informatics (DCHI) actively engage leaders from the health information technology industry to create corporate partnerships.

HSM Corporate Engagement


HSM Student Practicums

"The HSM program is a truly unique program that offers students a pragmatic view of the complex world of health care as well as connections to global thought leaders. Several CED member companies have found their best interns and employees from the program. The program does a great job of preparing students for the real world and engaging the community in providing a well rounded experience." — Dhruv Patel, CED, Senior Manager, Life Sciences Programs at the Center for Entrepreneurial Development

HSM offers students opportunities to work on specific business projects with local, national, and global organizations. In line with the requirements of each organization, students conduct research and develop recommendations to a specific business challenge, gaining exposure to real-world health sector issues that complement their classroom experience. Companies also benefit from the perspective of students whose interests and qualifications align with their business needs, and from the opportunity to contribute toward training the next generation of health care leaders.

Example of a Successful Practicum

In 2010, a team of five Fuqua students partnered with a leading global pharmaceuticals company to plan the launch of a first-in-class biologic. Over a period of six weeks, the students researched and analyzed biologic products that were launched in the last few years and compiled a summary of learnings that they presented to senior level executives and marketing teams. The company then incorporated several of the students' recommendations in the product launch.

As a result of the successful completion of this project, the pharmaceutical company agreed to offer ongoing practicum opportunities to students enrolled in the HSM program, to recruit HSM MBA students for both internship and full-time positions, and to both sponsor and provide senior speakers at HSM-sponsored industry events and conferences.