Duke - The Fuqua School of Business


Get ready to develop a new standard for the way you work. Through rich learning experiences that maximize the value of your and your classmates' backgrounds, you'll expand your capabilities and discover new possibilities. From the cohort structure that mimics a team-oriented corporate environment to our instructional design and foundational curriculum, we'll help you define new outcomes for your career.

The Highest Standards

The Weekend Executive program is taught by the same top-ranked faculty, follows the same rigorous curriculum and grading standards, and provides the same Duke degree as Fuqua's other MBA programs.

Apply What You Learn

The curriculum and format are designed so you can immediately apply what you learn in school at work. One of many examples can be found with our Decision Models course. For some students, this course completely changed the way they approach important work decisions and many have used what they learned in the class to avoid making a costly decision or to help make a profitable one. Students report they have also used the frameworks successfully in their personal lives, for example to model attendance for their wedding.

The Finer Points of Leadership

Professor Sim Sitkin teaches Weekend Executive students how to effectively lead and organize others. Read more about leadership development from a student perspective.

Personal Leadership Development

You will explore and enhance your leadership capabilities with an integrated set of courses designed by top researchers in the area of leadership, ethics, and organizations. Additionally, you can participate in individual coaching sessions to help you create your personal and professional leadership plan. By the end of the program, you'll have the skills, frameworks, and context required to set a new leadership standard.

Specialize Your Degree

If your new standard is in a different industry or function, a strong foundation in general management is only part of the equation. Our highly adaptable program empowers you to tailor your experience in a way that supports your career goals. From approximately 20 elective courses, you might choose to develop deeper expertise in a particular area, or broaden your knowledge across many. For an additional fee, you can also intensify your focus by completing a concentration in one of five specific areas or a certificate in Health Sector Management.

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