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New Leadership Model

Leadership in the 21st century is defined by the ability to navigate increasingly complex and interconnected environments. Functional excellence is no longer enough. Fundamental issues like health care, the environment, activism, increasing regulation, sharp demographic shifts, globalization and anti-globalization, can disrupt careers and companies. 
Today's leaders can't just do things differently; they have to be different—more networked, more dynamic, more self-aware. Regardless of your industry or role, in a Duke Executive Education program you'll benefit from a curriculum designed with you in mind. Our courses equip you with action plans, procedures, and tools that you can immediately apply in your organization. Whether you're a new manager just starting out or a CEO expanding globally, Duke has a program to help you lead.

Rick Voirin

Live Webinar:

10 Leadership Skills for the 21st Century

Tuesday, April 21, 2015
1 p.m. (EDT)

Unrelenting, discontinuous change—that's the new normal. How does one lead in today's business climate?

Join a live webinar with Rick Voirin, orchestrator of Duke Executive Education's Advanced Management Program. Rick will share insights from his 25 years of experience as an executive coach and consultant, including the 10 skills powerful leaders use to shape their organization's future.