Duke - The Fuqua School of Business

Advanced Management Program

Drive Results at the Speed of Business

As a leader, your most important challenge is managing change and complexity. You need to understand the drivers affecting your business, develop new ways to adapt, and lead your organization through that evolution—quickly.

Duke's Advanced Management Program (AMP) was built to educate leaders "from the outside in." Originally designed by Duke Corporate Education, which is consistently ranked No. 1 by the Financial Times and Bloomberg Businessweek, this program helps you translate complexity into meaningful insights. You'll discuss concepts which tie to practical solutions you can apply immediately within your own organization. And with this new framework, you'll improve decision processes to attain a sustainable, competitive advantage for your company.

Designed with You in Mind

Our Advanced Management Program (AMP) is quite different from similar programs at other business schools. Rather than only one mode of instruction, this program incorporates a blend of effective teaching methods. We focus on creating meaningful insights in senior leaders and providing concrete opportunities to apply this new way of thinking in your organization, coaching you individually through the process. Classroom instruction and discussion are combined with hands-on, experiential learning. You don't just study business cases—you become an actor in them. You'll operate in situations which mirror real life and encourage you to innovate.