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Communication for Leaders

Student Testimonial

"I was most interested in learning about using social media effectively to strengthen my personal and professional brand. Where else could I learn from a former campaign spokesperson [Dorie Clark] who has used social media to gain traction for political candidates? I knew she'd have unique insights into how to most effectively communicate with the people I want to reach. With her patient and logical instruction, I improved my social media profile and have had a lot of fun learning via Twitter and LinkedIn. Using what I learned in the class, my Klout score sky-rocketed!" — Heather Marks, Director of Associate Engagement, Red Hat, Inc., Raleigh, NC

Great Leadership Requires Great Communication

Today's business environment creates unique communication challenges for leaders. More than ever, stakeholders can be culturally and generationally diverse, globally dispersed, and even philosophically divided, both inside and outside of organizations. Effective communicators need to know how to adapt messages to their audiences and how to harness the power of social media to support their brand.

Dorie Clark, adjunct faculty member, strategy consultant, author, leadership speaker, blogger, and former presidential campaign spokesperson, draws on her unique experience as a master of traditional communication and social media channels to help you become the communicator you need to be.

Communication for Leaders will enable you to:

  • Build personal and corporate trust-worthiness and credibility through communication
  • Refresh and practice presentation skills for engagement and impact
  • Incorporate feedback to increase your confidence
  • Develop communication strategies that are consistent and disciplined 
  • Manage "hot-seat" questioning from sympathetic and adversarial audiences
  • Create a crisis communications strategy
  • Evaluate which social media channels will give you the best ROI
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn and Twitter to support your communication strategy
  • Analyze your online influence level
  • Position yourself and your organization as experts
  • Balance your online personal brand with your organization's brand

As a leader, what you say can inspire, persuade, and influence when you embrace the opportunity to communicate with confidence and credibility.

Who Should Attend

Communication for Leaders is intended for managers and executives who want to command attention from their audiences and increase their influence on key stakeholders. This program is ideal for working professionals with at least 7 years of experience interfacing with the general public and a variety of  stakeholders. Experience with social media is not required. The program is designed so participants can immediately apply what they learn to increase their personal and professional brands.