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Navigating Health Care Trends

Health care is a $3 trillion industry in the U.S., three times larger than the banking sector. Like many industries, it is experiencing rapid innovation and disruptive change. But unlike other industries, the health sector is intricate, dynamic, and far-reaching—a global network of business, government, and non-profit entities that impacts people and economies like no other.

How is the industry changing?

Business models are adapting to accommodate influences including the Affordable Care Act, public and private exchanges, the expansion of high-deductible health plans, and new technologies. These changes present the industry with incredible opportunities to improve the experience of care, reduce health care costs, and better the health of patients.

How can you thrive in this industry?

Navigating Health Care Trends provides a collaborative space for different players in the health care ecosystem to address the industry’s unique challenges together.

This course gives you the opportunity to engage with leaders across industry domains. By connecting with providers, payers, and representatives from diverse arenas—pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturing, biotech, medical IT, and patient care—you’ll build a network of value-enabling relationships to support your work as well as your career.

You’ll explore trends in health care using many different learning modes: lectures, case studies, classroom and team exercises, and small-group discussions, all informed by Fuqua faculty members’ research. You'll be challenged to think creatively and analytically to focus on how your organization prospers in health care's evolving landscape.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for senior health care professionals (7+ years of work experience) in strategy, sales, marketing, IT, finance, direct care, or healthcare administration.