Advanced Management Program

Executive Education: Advanced Management Program reception

Program Dates

Session I:

June 07 - 19, 2015

Session II:

August 02 - 14, 2015

Cost: 43,000

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The fundamental issues facing today's business leaders grow increasingly complex. Geopolitical dynamics, newly emerging financial power brokers, unprecedented levels of innovation, and daunting social challenges continue to change the "rules." To be successful now and in the future, you and your organization must adopt a global business perspective, cultivate corporate social responsibility and awareness, embrace technology, and strive for exceptional execution.



Rethink Leadership with the Advanced Management Program

The Advanced Management Program (AMP) is conducted on a unique split-schedule format that ensures minimal interruption of your personal and professional lives. The program includes two sessions that are held at Duke, which are each two-weeks long. These sessions are divided by a 6-week virtual intersession.

Location & Facilities
Classroom instruction takes place at the R. David Thomas Executive Conference Center, located at the heart of Duke University, just steps from The Fuqua School of Business. The conference center is a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly residential facility with an unparalleled learning environment.  


Mae Al-Mozaini

"AMP provided a good global perspective. The program focuses on preparing leaders to be well-rounded executives so they may apply their new skills to any business environment. I am now a better consequential and versatile leader, and have a greater ability to create balance between wellness and my management role. Thank you AMP."

—Mae S. Al-Mozaini, Director, Public Affairs, Aramco Services Company

We live in what we call a "VUCA world," one characterized by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. The traditional skills of leadership are no longer enough. The dilemmas confronting leaders in this time of rapid change require a new set of skills. In the Advanced Management Program, you will learn these new leadership skills that are essential for leading in a VUCA world. You will be equipped with the relevant knowledge, skills, and perspectives that we believe are necessary to be a leader of consequence in the 21st century.

You will learn to see and engage the world in more complex and comprehensive ways—you will learn how to think, rather than what to think.

Video Icon  Video: Rick Voirin covers the 10 leadership skills that are essential for leading in a VUCA world.

Objectives covered during the program include:

  • Developing a deep global perspective, not just how to shake hands with another culture, but how does it think and do business and why?
  • Becoming a global leader, able to lead in a complex world, able to lead from the c-suite and to lead collaboratively
  • Understanding how to disseminate and execute strategy
  • Increasing business acumen by understanding how a business makes money and how it grows and how to leverage global financial opportunities
  • Strengthening decision-making skills
  • Becoming a responsible corporate citizen by understanding and reacting to the global problems facing business
  • Understanding the drivers and opportunities for innovation and gain insights to the leading thinking that is happening now that will shape the future of business

Weekly Objectives: 

Session I

Week I: Develop a deep understanding of the dynamics shaping the global business landscape, gain insights into the evolution of the world economy, and examine how products, markets, consumers, and competition have changed over time and continue to change. Explore cultural perspectives and their implications for business, and develop successful strategies for intercultural leadership. Gain a broad business context to better understand and explore new opportunities created by emerging financial power brokers.

Week II: Examine the changing nature of strategic choices in the new competitive landscape, and construct a framework for strategizing and thinking about competitive advantage. Explore the business implications of the latest developments in technology, biotechnology, bioengineering, and health care. Assess your role as a business leader in understanding and addressing the interests of society by taking responsibility for the impact of business decisions on customers, employees, shareholders, communities, and the environment in all aspects of your operations.

Virtual Intersession
Access the latest web technologies to communicate with your instructors and other attendees to continue your learning experience. Begin to apply your new skills in your organization, and you will be encouraged to share your experiences and questions.

Session II

Week I: Explore unique demands and expectations of senior leaders. Experience the power of collaborative leadership and develop skills to lead more effectively in a global and virtual world, to lead the work of change, to nurture other leaders, and to create a culture of sustainable innovation. Feedback from your peers and colleagues will help you gain insights into personal strengths and identify development opportunities. One-on-one coaching will help you interpret and integrate this feedback and create an individualized development plan. 

Week II: Gain highly pragmatic analytical skills, tools, and concepts to apply in your organization. Learn successful leadership skills from a CEO's viewpoint, including how to detect patterns and anticipate shifts in the business environment, how to make more effective decisions, how to innovate at an organizational level, and how to create and establish a new business model. Create working strategies to ensure that you realize your leadership development goals—and that your learning continues beyond the program.

Who Attends

Executive Education: Advanced Management Program reception

"The interaction with executives from diverse backgrounds coupled with experts who are leaders in their field creates an optimal learning experience. The sessions are carefully orchestrated to bring concepts and tools into a bigger picture that elevates your thinking to a new level."

— Mike King, Managing Director, FedEx Express International Planning & Engineering

The Advanced Management Program (AMP) is designed for senior managers and executives with at least 15 years of professional experience, who have responsibility for corporate or divisional strategy and its implementation.

Participants come from a wide variety of industries and international organizations. Diversity among industries, functional areas, and geographies is encouraged.

Past attendees have hailed from a variety of organizations including:


Visit the AMP Experience page to learn more about what you can expect in our program.




Experiential Learning

Learn By Doing

The Advanced Management Program (AMP) incorporates unique, engaging learning activities that go beyond basic role play or field trips. You will learn by doing. Our methods are proven to engage both sides of the brain and create a lesson that sticks and may be re-applied in other settings.

Our learning experiences take you outside of your comfort zone and place you in new, often surprising environments, during which you will discern the analogy to your day-to-day work.

AMP Journalism Experience Journalism Experience: Guided by a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist, you'll fine-tune your communication skills by becoming a magazine writer for a day. You'll attend a press conference and conduct interviews to learn how perspectives and assumptions can drive storylines.
AMP Basketball Experience Duke Basketball Experience: Working with Duke's coaching staff, on the Duke basketball court, you'll become a member of a highly competitive, high performance team. You'll learn to deal with conflict, team building, and leadership. Our coaches will teach you how to transform organizational values from a mission statement into a state of mind.
AMP Innovative Apprentice Experience The Innovative Apprentice: In a realistic board room atmosphere, you'll compete for a chance to be The Innovative Apprentice. In teams, you'll create a realistic business strategy for a local charity, and all proposals will be judged by Randal Pinkett (pictured), winner of season four of NBC's The Apprentice. See more photos on Fuqua's Facebook page.
AMP Pit Crew Pit Crew Challenge: This experience takes you into the fast lane. You'll join the pit crew for a former racecar driver, and your team will race to change 4 tires as quickly as possible. Working in such an unfamiliar environment, you'll draw on classroom lessons to learn new tasks, coach each other, and work as a team.
Exercising at Duke Integrative Medicine  Integrative Medicine Program: We'll focus on keeping you on the go, without sacrificing your long-term health. At Duke Integrative Medicine you'll concentrate on your physical and mental well-being and you'll learn simple exercise and nutrition techniques. You'll also learn effective stress reduction methods and preventative treatments to stay healthy so you can perform at your highest level, both professionally and personally.

Faculty Profiles

Rick Voirin The AMP Orchestrator: Rick Voirin serves as the thread that pulls the Advanced Management Program and its learning content together. He weaves sessions together into a meaningful whole—he is the AMP Orchestrator. 
Timur Kuran Islam and the Global Economy: Duke Professor Timur Kuran is an expert on the economics of the Middle East. You'll learn from him about how Islam has influenced, and continues to influence, the economic performance of the Middle East.  
Ram Charan Weathering the Global Economic Crisis: You'll learn about surviving tough economic challenges during the Advanced Management Program. Instructor Ram Charan literally wrote the book on the topic.
brandt-new Global Asset Management: You'll discuss the implications of the new financial brokers and institutions on resource allocation with Fuqua Professor Michael Brandt. He shares his research on portfolio risk management in the context of value creation and destruction in emerging and mature markets.
GJF portrait 2010 Understanding Value Transformation: Fuqua Marketing Professor Gavan Fitzsimons examines the intentional and unintentional effects of marketing actions, and how much of a consumer's decision making occurs outside conscious awareness.  In his class, you'll learn how small strategic changes can dramatically affect your brand.
ted ryan_r2_c1 Values Based Leadership: Ted Ryan is a Consulting Professor of Ethics who brings years of experience in organizational consulting, coaching, and development to AMP. Ted will help you become a "values entrepreneur" - a leader who will achieve superior business results through building a highly ethical culture.

The Connection Between Wellness and Executive Leadership: Dr. Shelley Wroth leads a team of practitioners who are integrating traditional medicine with the practices of personalized health planning, nutrition, and self-care. You'll work with Shelley and her team to learn strategies for optimal health and to enhance the connection between the body and mind. These new skills will help to keep you on the go, stay healthy and perform at your highest level, both professionally and personally.


Personal Innovation and Creativity: Bob Kulhan dives into exercises that foster trust, commitment, and focus. He teaches you how to open your mind to new thinking in a safe environment for innovation. Bob is an Adjunct Fuqua Professor and full-time improvisation actor.
tony Cutting Edge Technology Trends: Tony O'Driscoll is Executive Director at Duke Corporate Education and has spent his career studying the effects of technology on leadership and business processes as a professor and consultant. In his class, you'll dive into the new world of social media and gaming, and learn how these and other technologies are playing an increased role in today's business.


Innovation and Competition:
Fuqua Marketing Professor Debu Purohit explores the areas of innovation and competition. The session introduces a framework to understand how innovations are adopted in the market and then explores the strategic interdependence across firms that have developed the innovations. Through case studies, lectures and exercises, participants learn how to introduce new products to customers.



Values Based Leadership: Professor of the Practice of Management, Joe LeBoeuf, served 34 years in US Army, retiring as a Colonel. He then spent 12 years on West Point's Leadership Faulty, including running West Point's Graduate School. Joe is in his 9th year at Fuqua where he teaches several leadership courses, both elective and core, and is the Faculty Advisor to the Coach K Fellows program. Joe knows "what it takes" to effectively lead diverse teams. During his class you'll go on a personal journey to discover your values and leadership identity while you align them with your behavior at work.

 hunt willard Cutting Edge Trends: BioMedical: Dr. Hunt Willard has been the Director of the Institute of Genome Sciences & Policy at Duke University and is currently the Nanaline H. Duke Professor of Genome Sciences in the School of Medicine and the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences. During his class you'll learn about cutting-edge trends in the biotechnology and biosciences arena, especially in the data-intensive world of genomes and personalized medicine. As you explore these disruptive technologies, you'll be challenged to scan for weak signals and to think deeply about what implications they'll have for your business.

Photo Album

View photos from a previous AMP session on Fuqua's Facebook page.

When you graduate from the Advanced Management Program (AMP), you join a select group of leaders who have learned to see and engage with the world in more complex and comprehensive ways. We are committed to helping you continue your personal learning journey, and to connecting you to the larger community of AMP graduates.

AMP graduates are valued members of the Fuqua community and are provided the following benefits:

  • Access to and listing in The Fuqua School of Business alumni directory
  • Invitations to Duke activities in your region
  • A 25% discount on Duke's Executive Education programs


"I learned that leadership isn't necessarily complicated: it doesn't come from the thousands of text books written on the subject, it doesn't come from note learning and it’s not even driven by a particular genetic profile. Strong leaders are authentic leaders, who understand themselves and their motives, understand their core values and have built a leadership model around those values. These leaders are open minded, intent listeners and teachers who respond in an appropriate way to their environment. All of these skills can be learned and strengthened. Leadership is a journey ... and it’s simply a matter of choice whether you start the journey or not.” —David Herbert, CFO Electric Power Division, Caterpillar, Inc