AMP Experience

Designed with You in Mind

" The class interaction was a key part of the program. The diversity of perspectives … from around the world in different occupations from different types of companies was incredibly valuable. lt's what made the program really sing. You can get good instructors anywhere. You can sit down and listen to someone speak, but when you get to interact with this dynamic a group of people at this level of professionalism, it becomes an experience more than a session." — David Young, Union Pacific Railroad Company

Our Advanced Management Program (AMP) is unlike similar programs offered at other business schools. Our program is based on a methodology incorporating a blend of effective teaching styles that resonate with working adults. Traditional classroom instruction is combined with hands-on, experiential learning. You will not just study business cases, but you will become a part of them in situations that mirror real life and encourage innovative problem solving.

The program format is also designed with you in mind. Unlike other programs that last four or five consecutive weeks, our program is spaced out and more flexible. We hold two separate two-week sessions. The break after the first session allows you time to absorb what you've learned and to also apply it to the real world, so that you can come back to the next session refreshed and with greater context.

Each week of AMP begins with a powerful mind-expanding session, continues with fast-paced provocative activities, and ends with a high-impact experience. Program sessions are deeply integrated. A Program Orchestrator (your guide through the program) will help you to connect the dots and apply what you've learned. You will leave with practical tactics and strategies that are applicable to your work and your organization.

Industry Thought Leaders

Douglas Lines"AMP is a highly sophisticated program that challenges executives' mindsets about the world. Duke provided an amazing personal journey for me in terms of my continued development as a leader. I felt enriched by the depth and experience of the educators and fellow participants. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is ready to reflect deeply on themselves and the way they lead. I will always look back at this time as one of the significant events in my life." — Douglas Lines
Divisional Executive, Nedbank Business Banking Gauteng

Most schools begin with a specific group of faculty and base their curriculum around their instructors' skills and expertise. We essentially do the opposite. First we determine our participants' needs, and then we pick the best instructors who meet that criterion.

Past instructors have included Fuqua finance Professor Campbell Harvey, national business strategy expert Ram Charan, and Professor Timur Kuran who specializes in the economics of the Middle East.

Our instructors are nationally recognized thought leaders who are approachable, engaging, and dedicated to your success.

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