Faculty Profile: The AMP Orchestrator

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Rick Voirin

Rick Voirin serves as the thread that pulls the Advanced Management Program and its learning content together. He is the AMP Orchestrator.

Voirin spends time with each participant before the program to help them set personal learning objectives and establish a personal learning agenda. He also works with the other faculty to help them calibrate the learning dynamics of the attendees and adapt their session for maximum effectiveness. He weaves the program sessions together into a meaningful whole.

Voirin is also an executive coach, organizational development consultant, and Adjunct Professor of Business Administration and Executive Education for Fuqua. He is involved with the following Advanced Management Program components:

  • Orientation & Team Building
  • Being a Versatile Leader 
  • Leading & Developing Others
  • Creating the Executive Storyline
  • Peer Coaching & Action Planning

Voirin has 25 years of experience in the field of organizational and leadership development. He has worked extensively in leadership and executive team development, coaching high-potential executives, and coaching executives through professional and leadership transitions. 

Prior to becoming an independent consultant in 1997, Voirin worked with Accenture for 14 years as a change management and organizational development consultant including a four-year assignment in Europe.

He is currently a partner and chairman at Stagen, a professional services firm dedicated to helping mid-market companies scale. He resides in Dallas, TX, with his wife Carol.