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Unique Leadership Model

The foundation of the Duke Leadership Program is The Six Domains Leadership Model, developed by Fuqua faculty members Sim Sitkin and Allan Lind.

The Six Domains model provides a framework for talking about and teaching leadership, and provides instruction on how, beginning with your own innate strengths, you can develop solid and enduring leadership behaviors. By focusing on specific leadership behaviors and their corresponding effects, the Six Domains approach provides a concrete and comprehensive framework for understanding and improving leadership skills and effectiveness.The model addresses the full range of skills that are needed to exercise leadership, and instructors will provide practical applications of these skills, which include:

  • Personal Leadership: knowing how to build a leadership persona from your own personality and values
  • Relational Leadership: how to forge sound relationships with those you lead
  • Contextual Leadership: how to provide coherence and team identitiy
  • Inspirational Leadership: how to motivate exceptional effort
  • Supportive Leadership: how to protect your people
  • Responsible Leadership: how to make sure your leadership is balanced and ethical 

Participant Satisfaction

Past participants have been extremely pleased with this program. We’ve hosted participants from both the private and public sector, from all over  the world.  Verbatim survey responses included:

  • “I gained a lot from this program, and it definitely will have a tremendous effect on my future leadership ability.”
  • “Unequivocally the best leadership course I’ve ever attended in my career!”
  • “This course was fantastic! I will be sending a few managers, as this course is deserved for all current and future leaders.”
  • “I very much appreciated the practical application of this leadership theory.”
  • "This program, I believe, will help in terms of taking a giant step in the progression of becoming a better leader.  I now believe I can better develop other leaders within my organization."