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As a business executive today, you will face issues that have derailed careers and companies: the environment, poverty, activism, increasing regulation, sharp demographic shifts, globalization and anti-globalization, and more. As I increasingly learn in conversations with CEOs and boards, today’s leaders can’t just do things differently; they have to be different – more cosmopolitan, more inquisitive, more self-aware.

And yes, education can help you get there. Ours is a business school that values experience as well as scholarship. Fuqua is committed to presenting thought leaders, academics, and executives with real-world experience and to seeking out the best global academic and business communities have to offer.

Duke has turned the traditional model of program design on its head. We begin by developing credible intelligence about business needs, working with information that our partner, Duke Corporate Education, accrues in daily practice with firms across the important regions and industries of the world. We then translate those needs into the capabilities leaders need to build, then into the content areas that will build those capabilities, and finally into the methods that lend themselves to embedding those new skills in your executives.

Thank you for checking us out to learn more about our one-of-a-kind executive education experience.



Bill Boulding