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Within a common general approach, FCCP offers customized consulting assistance to a diverse array of organizations. Our clients have varied from small, local business and nonprofit organizations (based in Raleigh-Durham, NC) to global corporations to social entrepreneurs in developing markets. Engagements have been structured to include student team travel to any US location and to select international locations. FCCP client engagements have also spanned industry sectors, leveraging faculty expertise in Fuqua's research centers. Some example projects across a selection of industry sectors are listed below.

Consumer Goods

Energy & Environment



Assist a health food company in developing a growth strategy, while also rationalizing its pricing and logistics

Develop business models for new services offerings for a sustainable energy services company

Identify opportunities to expand market penetration for a bank

Prepare industry analysis and customer  segmentation plan for an independent school

Analyze growth opportunities in several European markets for market leading manufacturer in the food & beverage industry


Evaluate existing business model and prepare a competitor assessment for an investment banking and securities firm

Analyze the market opportunity and prepared a financial model for a university evaluating the addition of a new program

Health Care

IT & Professional Services

Restaurant & Hospitality


Recommend a market entry strategy into a Latin America country for a pharmaceutical consulting firm

Develop and apply a vendor / partner assessment framework for an IT service provider

Analyze funds flow and recommended a revised pricing model for a bed and breakfast

Devise strategies to increase funding for a charitable organization

Analyze and recommend improvements to patient acquisition process, including website design for a physician clinic

Complete strategic and business reorganization planning for a consulting firm

Develop marketing and financial recommen-dations to increase revenue and profitability for a restaurant

Analyze existing operating model and recommend ways to enhance sustainability for a social enterprise providing services to the homeless