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Leadership & Ethics Concentration

The Concentration in Leadership and Ethics is designed for students with an interest in deepening and broadening their leadership and ethics training whether in preparation for stepping into leadership positions soon after graduation or in service of longer-term career goals. Our aspiration is not only to educate outstanding managers capable of administering and maintaining the highest standards of an existing organization, it is also to create ethical leaders who are capable of developing and implementing new ideas and business concepts while enacting responsible ethical values. This concentration is designed to contribute to the professional development and career of any student whose ultimate goal includes upper-level management or CEO/COO responsibilities, students who foresee substantial responsibilities in small organizations or as leaders of intermediate units, as well as students who wish to more effectively exercise leadership regardless of their formal organizational roles.

The Concentration in Leadership and Ethics is based on a concept of ethical leadership as a set of behaviors that can be learned. For the school, leadership is less about prestige, power or status and more about effective influence and behaviors that are based on felt responsibility. This set of behaviors includes not only an intellectual aspect of leadership but also emotional and reflective aspects that encompass the individual and his/her relationships with others, as well as ties to a larger community.

The concentration consists of a sequence of 6 courses in addition to the core curriculum. These electives are aimed at providing a foundation in leadership, ethics, and topics that are central to the exercise of effective ethical leadership in organizations. Additional courses give breadth and provide an opportunity to build specific knowledge needed by leaders in the student’s preferred industry or organizational type. The list of electives below includes those that have been pre-approved for credit towards the concentration. However, students may identify other specialized courses at Duke relevant to their ethical leadership development and may petition to apply other relevant Duke graduate level courses towards the leadership and ethics concentration. Some of the courses from other Duke schools are more appropriate for students with specialized interests in healthcare, public policy, the law, etc. Students may fulfill 1 of the leadership elective requirements through an independent study in leadership and/or ethics. Students interested in the independent study option should contact the Center of Leadership and Ethics (COLE) with a proposal that explains the project, why it should qualify for the concentration, and a final paper, if applicable.

Coursework Requirements

Required Courses:
MANAGEMT 747 — Leadership
MANAGEMT 749 — Business Ethics

Choose 4 courses from the following lists. At least 2 of these courses must be outside of the Management area.

Courses offered by The Fuqua School of Business
The content of these courses has substantive application to leadership and ethics (e.g. ACCT 597 has ethical content surrounding reporting choices and exercise of judgment and HLTHMGMT 717 which includes readings on ethical management and ethical pricing.)

MANAGEMT 738 — Managing Innovation in a Global Organization
MANAGEMT 744 — Managing Decision Making
MANAGEMT 745 — Negotiation
MANAGEMT 746 — Power and Politics
MANAGEMT 748 — Managing Human Assets and Organizational Change
MANAGEMT 898 — Foundations of Coaching, Mentoring and Facilitation
MANAGEMT 898 — Organizational Strategy

Functional and analytical knowledge:
ACCOUNTG 597 — Financial Statement Analysis
DECISION 611 — Decision Models
DECISION 613 — Strategic Modeling and Business Dynamics
HLTHMGMT 717 — Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Strategy (Formerly Economics and Management of the Pharmaceutical Industry)
MANAGEMT 750 — Social Entrepreneurship
MARKETNG 796 — Market Intelligence
STRATEGY 845 — Entrepreneurial Execution/Planning

Courses Offered by other Schools at Duke
Additionally, students have the option of taking leadership and ethics related courses in other parts of Duke to add another dimension to the business lens with which they view leadership and ethics. Courses offered by other Duke schools are on a semester schedule and therefore span 2 Fuqua terms.

Courses that focus more on theoretical frameworks and perspectives on leadership and ethics:
LAW 561 — Tax Policy
PHIL 503S — Contemporary Ethical Theories
PUBPOL 816 — Ethics and Policymaking

Courses that focus more on skills and applications in practice:
LAW 539 — Ethics in Action
PSY 739 — Ethical Issues in Research and Practice Topics
XTIANETH 890 — Ethical Topics Topic: Christian Ethics as Improvisation