AJ Singh
"Differences are what has made my experience so transformational. We all have different modus operandi but still know that to succeed we must collaborate, and play to our strengths while holding each other accountable to improve on our weaknesses."

Daytime MBA

Class of 2018
Technology, Start-ups

Prior Education:

Boston University
Economics, 2010
Fremont, California

Why I Chose Fuqua

From my admissions interviewer in San Francisco to the individuals I was connected to through my professional network, every Fuqua alum I encountered came across to me as a genuinely good person. Regardless of when they’d graduated, each person still sincerely cared about Team Fuqua and took a lot of time and energy to ensure I realized that the opportunity to be on this team is truly special.

Witnessing the camaraderie of current students at BDW combined with hearing about their unique backgrounds and talents, I felt honored to be given the chance to walk the halls with such an inspiring cohort.

Best Bars in Durham

  1. Motorco is a lively outdoor spot with wooden benches, live music, and reasonably priced artisanal wings, tacos, and sliders.
  2. Home to the brewing company of the same name, the Ponysaurus bar and taproom is a beer lover's dream: an open expanse filled with dozens of beers on tap, an outdoor beer garden, and food trucks to satisfy any appetite.
  3. Alivia's is a fun place located in downtown Durham near plenty of other nightlife options. Now featuring beer pong on Tuesday nights!
  4. The Tavern is minimalist—a friendly steward greets you as you enter, and if it's a Tuesday night, throngs of your classmates await you on the makeshift dance floor. Billiards, darts, foosball—this place has it all. Except for draft beer, which runs out at midnight.
  5. Shooters is a rite of passage for Duke students. The Shooters' Party Bus will pick you up and transport you and your friends to the Vegas nightlife equivalent of business school, complete with a mechanical bull.

My Life Before Fuqua

I worked at J.P. Morgan for 3.5 years within the real estate banking group.  Afterward, I joined a big data firm conducting profitability and pricing analyses. I also worked as an independent operations and finance consultant for Facebook, contracted to revamp the firm's global legal spend.

My Life After Fuqua

I want to help take a promising small enterprise to the next level. I’m passionate about all things strategy while also having a knack for business development. My goal is to find a position at a small firm that focuses on one of these two roles.

My Fuqua Activities

Duke Football, Academic Mentor

Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club, Careers Chair

FuquaVision, Sketch Comedy Producer

Association of Women in Business, Gender Ally

Section 1, Service Representative

Venture Capital

The bulk of my time revolved around venture capital before my summer VC internship in Palo Alto.

What I love about Professor Ryan McDevitt

I'm often intimidated by derivatives and cost curves, but Professor McDevitt’s approach to teaching Managerial Economics set me and my entire section up for success. He broke down seemingly dense concepts into simpler parts by using recent business examples. By applying the concepts to relevant issues, everyone remained genuinely interested in what was being taught.

Most importantly, Professor McDevitt went above and beyond to make sure everyone knew the resources available to them. He often held extra office hours, coordinated one-on-one tutoring sessions, and held weekly reviews of the material. His awkward sense of humor aside, I couldn’t have asked for anything better from my first course here at Fuqua.

Student Network

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