Picture of individuals submitted for class notes

Thank you for volunteering for your class!

Below is information on the Class Communication Chair (CCC) role including how and when to solicit quarterly class notes

If you don't find an answer to your question, please contact alumni relations.

Getting Started

Learn how to get started in your role as Class Communication Chair (CCC).  

  1. Review training documents
  2. Compose a message to your classmates that:
  • Introduces you as the new Class Communication Chair.
  • Explains your role.
  • Gives the frequency with which they will hear from you.

Sample introductory language is included in the Samples section below.

Submitting Class Notes

Class notes traditionally include job changes, promotions, weddings, babies, interesting trips, or any other updates alumni would like to share with the Fuqua community. 

Please edit the text you submit using the following guidelines:

1. Put alumni names in bold type. Do not put partners in bold type unless the partner is also an alumnus/alumna. Example:

  • Craig Jones and his wife, Suzette, celebrated the first birthday of their son, David Cole Jones, on October 23, 2013. Craig and family relocated to the Dallas area earlier this year after Craig joined Bank of Texas' Auto Finance Division as a vice president of business development. Craig and family are settling into Texas life and he is enjoying fatherhood.

  • Sanjaya and Bobbi Patel are doing great. They live in Northville, MI, and have three kids: Sven (13), Rachel (10), and Vinup (6). Sanjaya works for Georgia-Pacific Corporation as a Regional Manager. Bobbi continues to work for IBM and is now a Program Manager.

2. Alphabatize by last name.

  • Dave Nakashian: "I'm enjoying my role as head of strategic planning at David Yurman in NYC and having a blast with our new baby boy, James."

  • Thomas Simotas: "I have relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico with my girlfriend, Lindsey, and our Pug named Princess to work in Nuclear Construction at Los Alamos. We are all doing well."

3. Include Fuqua program and class year if an alumnus/alumna is mentioned, but is not a member of your class. Example:

  • Susie McNair finished her second New York City Triathlon on July 16. To complete her crazy person certificate, she's slated to do a half-Ironman in October. Shown is a picture of Susie, Jen Franks (Daytime MBA'04), and Lori Leister at their summer house in the Hamptons.

4. List any woman's maiden name in parentheses if she has changed to her married name since she was a student. Example:

  • Jane (Doe) Smith

Pictures that illustrate alumni news are always welcome. Encourage classmates to send photos of family, friends, parties, Fuqua gatherings, etc. Photo submission guidelines:

  1. Insert photos into Word Document or attach photos to e-mail message with your Word Document.

  2. Provide photos in JPEG or PNG format.

  3. Name the photo file using the following format: [four-digit year][program][underscore][alumnus name]. (e.g., 2004ccmba_smith)

  4. Photos should be at least 300 dpi (3" x 5"). Minimum resolution is 180 with the smallest edge of the photo being at least 2".

Class notes should be submitted as one Microsoft Word document with the document name "[CLASS YEAR] [PROGRAM] [ISSUE] Class Notes," e.g., "Daytime 2003 Fall 2013 Class Notes." The document should include a header indicating the program, class year, and issue.

Photos should be indicated in the note for which they are relevant. Review the sample information below for examples.


The below schedule is what Fuqua's Alumni Relations team works by. If you find that this schedule is too frequent or not frequent enough, feel free to adjust as you see fit. Please note that the schedule for posting notes online will remain the same.

Reminders from CCCs to their Class                   Notes Posted Online
February 1              March 1
May 1              June 1
August 1              September 1
November 1              December 1


Below are sample emails for communicating with your class and for submitting your class notes to the alumni relations office.

Hello, classmates! 

I have volunteered to be our Class Communication Chair and am delighted to represent the class of  [INSERT CLASS YEAR}.

As your Class Communication Chair, I will be a liaison between our class and the Alumni Relations team at Fuqua. A few of my responsibilities will include gathering and editing the class notes to be published online four times a year, and sending you news from Fuqua.

Please keep in touch with me so I can share what's happening with our class. I will send you an e-mail every few months asking for updates. Please tell me what's new in your life - job changes, promotions, family updates, stories from your travels, details from events. I'll submit our class notes to be published on our class web page and in print. Feel free to send digital pictures of at least 300 dpi (3" x 5" and a minimum resolution of 180 dpi with the smallest edge of the photo being at least 2") and please identify everyone in the photo.

Because 95%of the correspondence sent out by Fuqua comes through e-mail, I also encourage you to keep your contact information updated in Fuqua's online alumni directory. You can do this by going to the alumni directory and clicking on the "My Profile" link. If you can't remember your user name and password, click on the "Forgot Your Password" link and someone will send you your log-in info within a couple of days.

If you have suggestions about how my role can be of service to you or our class, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you!


Hello, classmates!

I hope this message finds you well. As the Class Communication Chair for [INSERT CLASS YEAR], I am writing to solicit an update from you. Please send me news of job changes, promotions, weddings, travels, new babies - anything you'd like the Fuqua community to know. Please also send photos that are at least 300 dpi (3" x 5") and please identify everyone in the photo. 

Please send me your updates and photos by [DEADLINE]. Your submission will be available on our class web page by [INSERT DATE].

Thanks in advance for your submissions, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

NOTE: For higher response rates, try these helpful tips.

Daytime 2003 Fall 2013 Class Notes

Michael Bluth and family have been in Connecticut for two years. Michael is still working for JP Morgan Chase and enjoys spending free time with his wife, Ann, and two daughters, Caitlin (6) and Marie (3).

Suzanne and Justin Case welcomed their second child, Wayne Fuqua Case, on May 1, 2013. Sister Susie turns three in June. The Case family lives in Durham, NC, where Justin is the Managing Director of LocoPops. [PHOTO: 2013daytime_case]

Zach Morris was promoted to Senior Product Manager at Microsoft and will be moving to Washington in August 2013. He welcomes the chance to meet up with Fuqua alumni in the Seattle area!

Joe Shue has joined IBM as a director and is looking forward to the new role. Joe will continue to live in his home in Berkley, CA, but will postpone teaching for one year.

Helpful Tips

  • Include your personal update in your solicitation e-mail. Hearing your news may motivate your classmates to share their own stories.

  • Appeal to nostalgia: remind your classmates of the fun, unique experiences you shared while in your Fuqua program. If you have pictures from your school days that may be fun for everyone to see, you also could include one/some in your email.

  • Reference Fuqua and your class year in your subject line to help identify to your classmates that messages from you are not spam (e.g., Daytime 2003 -- submit your Fuqua class notes!)