You've graduated!

Now there are a few things you need to do before we send you on your way. The list we've compiled will make your transition out of school just a little bit easier.

Fuqua recent graduates

Plan for your health insurance needs
For Daytime and MMS students who graduate in May 2018, the Duke Student Medical Insurance Plan (SMIP) coverage ends on July 31, 2018. Continuation of coverage is no longer available, so please plan accordingly. Please visit to obtain health insurance once your Duke SMIP coverage has ended, if needed.

Migrate e-mail from your Duke account 
You may access your Duke e-mail account for approximately one year after graduation. You will not receive warning that access is about to be cut off, so you are strongly encouraged to start using a different account and move important messages to your new e-mail account. For more information on what happens to your Fuqua email and how to create a Duke Alumni email address, please visit the TSC's website for graduating students.

Continue using GTS
For students conducting a post-graduation job search, continue to access GTS via FuquaWorld for job postings and career resources. At the end of July, your GTS status will be transitioned to alumnus. You'll still be able to see job postings for new graduates and recent alumni; the change is that you'll log-in via the Fuqua website rather than through FuquaWorld. We'll contact you later this summer to confirm the date and details of that change.

Access career coaching and CMC resources
Whether or not you've worked regularly with a CMC coach during your time as a student, we are here to assist new graduates who are in an active job search post-graduation. Here are examples of questions that we can help you work through now and in the coming weeks:

  • What is my job search strategy? Is my focus too broad or too narrow? How many companies should I target?

  • Can or should I change my resume format now that I've graduated? 

  • Are my job search tools working for me? What should my LinkedIn profile look like?

  • Can you suggest companies, alumni, or contacts?

  • Is this offer a good one? Can I negotiate?

These examples give an idea of how we often work with graduates at this phase of the process, but there are many other ways we can provide strategic, moral, and tactical support. 
You are welcome to continue working with a CMC coach you already know until we approach very late summer and early fall, at which time those staff will be ramping up their work with returning SYs and incoming FYs. If you are actively seeking at that point, we'll be glad to transition you to an alumni coach. 
In addition, we have a small team of talented career coaches who work with Fuqua alumni across degree programs, industries, and ages/stages of careers. You could choose to be connected to an alumni coach now if that meets your needs.

Contact your coach directly or to get started.

Transfer ownership of Team Tools folders
Daytime and MMS graduates may access Team Tools until August 31 following graduation. Team "owners" who are graduating may transfer ownership to another team member through the edit feature in team tools. This should be completed by July 31. Click on "Adjust add/delete privileges" and select the team member to whom ownership will be transferred and then save your changes.

Check out the Duke alumni directory
Duke students who graduate in May can access the Duke alumni directory starting May 31. The directory includes contact information for over 170,000 Duke alumni around the world. The Duke alumni directory requires a log-in and password that is different from your Fuqua log-in credentials. Setting up an account only takes a few minutes. To learn more, visit the Duke alumni web site.

Keep an eye out for your Duke Alumni Card
All Fuqua graduating students will receive a Duke Alumni Card. Duke Alumni is transitioning to a virtual Duke Alumni Card. More information is to come, but in the meantime, check out the Alumni Benefits page.

Wrap up or extend your gym membership 
Between May graduation and June 30 of the same year, you may purchase a monthly or yearly membership to the gym.

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