Alumni Question and Answers

Beth Bafford '06, MBA '12

"Our shared experience of the culture created a lasting, mutual admiration and respect that I don't think will ever fade away." Senior Officer, Strategic Initiatives
Calvert Foundation
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Beverly Sobel-Redler MBA '90

"Always leave some place better for your having been there. Essentially, always be a value-added element in any endeavor." President
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Bill Huber MBA '11

"The relationships that I developed at Fuqua are ones I hope will last the rest of my life." Managing Director
CohnReznick Advisory Group
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Bruce Pinsky MBA '79

"The best advice I ever got was that things are never as good nor as bad as they seem; the key is to stay passionately in the race." President and CEO
Packaging Consultants, Inc.
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Damon Butler MBA '04

"Team Fuqua is about a small group of people dedicated to making the world a better place and having a little fun along the way." Corporate Vice President
New York Life
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Dana Gerle Clemens MBA '97

"Learning is about both the process and the knowledge. We gained knowledge in the classroom, but learned about how it really worked from our teams." Vice President of Operations
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Doug Eisner MBA '07

"Among the many great professors I had at Fuqua, Professors Jon Fjeld and David Robinson stand out. My company started in Jon's class, and both Jon and David became important advisors to GrassRoots. We benefited enormously from their expertise in entrepreneurship and financing." Former Owner
GrassRoots Biotechnology (Now a part of Monsanto)
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Edouard Serre MBA '11

"Team Fuqua is an extended family that constantly reminds me to be accountable for my actions, always strive for better, and never take the easy way out." Business Development Director
Distribution Leader Price Madagascar
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Erik Michielsen MBA '02

"There is no blueprint career path, and with the friendships, education, and support structure the Fuqua experience provides you can truly do anything as long as you are willing to sacrifice, work, and persevere." Founder, Capture Your Flag
Fuqua Alumni Council
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Greg Brandeau MBA '92

"Team Fuqua is genius! Fuqua is one of the few places that creates really exceptional team players who understand and value the power of diverse points of view." Managing Partner
Slices of Genius
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Greg Hawkins MBA '10

"I always knew the marketplace was dynamic but Fuqua gave me the tools to create order out of chaos and adapt as needed." Founder and CEO
Virginia and Maryland Triathlon Series
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Haley Gray MBA '12

"My favorite memories are of one of our first clients, and staying up all night with him, talking, and holding his hand." Chief Executive Officer
Extension of You Home Care
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Jackie Hodge MBA '90

"I learned I did not have to be a specialist in a particular role or industry. My education and skillset prepared me for a variety of increasing responsibilities that are transferable across multiple industries." Senior Client Relations Manager
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Jason Bigler MBA '06

"I loved the entire GEMBA experience, though I'd have to say, the experience of having our residencies across the world was the best part for me. It gave us a chance to really be immersed around the globe." Product Management Director
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Jay Foard MBA '09

I think it is easy to get stuck in certain mindsets and routines in our professional careers, and Fuqua helped me work through some of those mental barriers I had built up unknowingly so that I could continue to grow and prosper professionally and personally. Vice President
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Jia Jiang MBA '09

"Through Fuqua, I learned there are so many smarter and more capable people than me. But as a team, we can achieve amazing things that none of us can do by ourselves." Speaker and Author, Rejection Proof

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Ken Pittman MHA '86

"Team Fuqua to me is about restless excellence. Excellence in teaching and education and research, and excellence in our contribution and service to business and industry. And certainly excellence in our continual commitment to each other." Chief Operating Officer
UNC-Chapel Hill Campus Health Services
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Marcus Shaw MBA '05

"Team Fuqua is a concept that encourages strong relationship building for the purpose of more effective, higher integrity outcomes that benefit the team members individually and collectively. Eleven years after graduation, this concept is more important to me than ever. I apply it in almost every facet of my professional and personal life." Senior Director of Business Development
Management Leadership for Tomorrow
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Mary Sawyer MBA '05

"Team Fuqua means knowing that a team is stronger than the individual leader or each team member can ever be." Senior Manager
Deloitte Consulting
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Max Sazhin MBA '09

"I think it is very important to know that somewhere in the world there is a group of people that have similar aspirations." CFO
Henderson Russia
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Michael Bulzan MBA '03

"There is something truly special about having a compelling value proposition to talk to people about: the quality of The Duke MBA experience for students and the value that a Duke MBA can bring to an organization." Regional Director, Europe
Duke's Fuqua School of Business
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Oris Stuart MBA '89

"Team Fuqua describes the culture and spirit of collaboration and shared opportunity that was inherent in my experience 25 years ago and is still part of the fabric of the school. Team Fuqua means "community" to me and a belief that 1 + 1 equals more than 3." Senior Partner
Korn/Ferry International
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Penelope Gardner MBA '87

"Live your life, professional and personal, based on your core values." Relationship Manager, IBM Academic Initiative
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Peter Hermann MBA '09

"Never give up, always take a shot. It's like Wayne Gretzky said, 'You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.'" Director of Client Services
Maryville Technologies
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Robin ten Kate MBA '03

"My favorite memories were working with my team late into the night to complete and perfect a project." Operations Manager
Capital One Small Business
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Sal Fernandes MBA '11

"Team Fuqua is a part of my extended family—which encompasses a philosophy of collaboration, accountability, and respect, vital traits to be successful in today's global village." Founder and Managing Director
SMF Consulting Inc.
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Sean Maurer MBA '03

"The most important thing I learned was actually working in groups. And then I learned it again in my first few jobs after school. Getting the right answer is only one-third of the work, getting it accepted and implemented are the other two-thirds." Director, Artisan Franchise
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Sergio Rios MBA '12

"In this day and age nobody can succeed alone. Everyone, no matter how smart or educated, needs other people with different skill sets. The Fuqua experience provides the perfect environment to put yourself out of the comfort zone and learn from others while you are immersed in a group of extraordinarily talented and humble people." Senior Financial Analyst
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Sharon Bracken MBA '13

"The most enjoyable part of the job is working with a group of people who all want to change the world for the better—I see many parallels with the Team Fuqua culture and aspiration." President
Abbott Point of Care
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Suzanne Smith MBA '08

"On my very first day then-Daytime Dean Bill Boulding said, "There is no growth in comfort, there is no comfort in growth." I had my own Aha! moment and now pass that quote on to my students and clients." Founder and Managing Director
Social Impact Architects
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Timothy Kasbe MBA '00

"It's always good to ask "why" you are doing a project or assignment. And there has to be meaning, more than just money, success, fame or material things." Chief Operating Officer
Gloria Jeans
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Todd Fitts MBA '02

"By far the most important thing I learned was that a multi-disciplinary approach, proper leadership, right incentive and long-term view is needed to effectively implement disruptive innovations and solve many problems in this world." Founder and CEO
Improv'eat, LLC
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Wendy Webster MBA '04

"Relationships are key. The time spent with your teammates discussing cases and problems is as important as the discussions you have about work and life in general. I miss the rigorous academics and the challenging discussions with classmates." Division Administrator, Department of Surgery
Duke University Medical Center
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Scott Lewis MBA '02

"For me, it's been less specific advice and more in the way of opportunities to work with some incredible people that I was easily drawn to emulate as best I could." Vice President of Marketing
D.C. United
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Chulmin Lee MBA '01

"Team Fuqua is my creed in people management at work. Regardless of their background and expertise, I always try to get all of my co-workers deeply involved in deriving the best result." Managing Partner
VIG Partners
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Bobby Vernon MBA '00

"I pursued my MBA at Duke specifically to acquire the skills (and courage) to start my own businesses. I wanted the freedom to pursue projects and opportunities that interested me, and I consider myself fortunate that it has worked out." Non-Executive Director and Founder
ProcessMaker Inc.
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Mark Reuss MBA '90

"I was used to working on projects alone, and Fuqua taught me a great deal about working in teams. It was highly rewarding to come together with people you didn't know and to figure out how to leverage each person's strengths to solve a problem together." Executive Vice President of Global Product Development and Global Purchasing & Supply Chain
General Motors Company
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Andrea Fernandez MBA '03

"My first boss after Fuqua taught me so much about being a leader—the importance of having strong vision and conviction, being passionate and driven, shining through the success of your employees and of course, having fun in doing what you love." Director of Governance and Global Partnerships
C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group
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Katie Koenig MBA '06

"Take opportunities when they come, even if (really especially if) they feel intimidating. Growth happens when we challenge ourselves." Senior Vice President, Transformation
ATI Physical Therapy
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Erica Campbell MBA '05

"As a leader it's my responsibility to surround myself with diverse people who contribute experiences and talents that make the whole team better." Executive Director
Pinky Swear Foundation
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Cody Chesneau MMS '14

"Fuqua has consisted of some of the smartest people that I know who are also some of the most supportive people I have met. No matter how far apart we are or how long it has been since we've talked, we still consider each other family." IT Director and Production Manager, Fuel Quality Services, Inc.
Festival Coordinator, Sets at Sunset
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Charlene Fadirepo MBA '09

"For me, Team Fuqua translated to a diverse, supportive, and cohesive network of cheerleaders and confidants. In other words, my tribe." Founder, Smartchoicenation
Author, Ayo's Money Jar
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Greg O'Neill MBA '92

"Team Fuqua embodies the credo that one's success is not mutually exclusive to that of your classmate, and, after Fuqua, to that of your colleague." Co-owner and Co-founder
Pastoral Artisan Cheese, Bread, & Wine
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Carol Williams MBA '00

"Fuqua taught me that great leaders never stop learning and that decisions should never be made in a vacuum. It's critical to draw upon the collective experience and expertise of your team, thought leaders within your industry, and insights from the local market you are operating in and the story the data tells." West Africa Director
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Lindsey Layer-Swope and Jon Swope Lindsey MBA '09 : Jon '03, MBA '10

"Giving back is an important way to recognize the foundation upon which we build our career." Lindsey - Consultant at Acsel Health
Jon - Healthcare Investment Banker at Greenhill & Co.
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Terrence Chavis Pratt '92, MBA '94

"I am very thankful that I attended a business school that focuses on creating well-rounded leaders. Having a specialty is great, but to be successful in business at the highest levels you must be able to apply that specialty holistically in a manner that maximizes the enterprise." Management Consultant
Oliver Wyman
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