February 2023 Session

A headshot of Dean Boulding and a headshot of Marla side-by-side


On February 3, 2023, Marla Moskal MBA '10, Vice Chair, Fuqua Health Care Alumni Advisory Board, sat down with Dean Bill Boulding to ask him about the state of the school via questions that were submitted by Fuqua alumni. His answers are linked below:

  1. Can you give a high-level overview of the current interest level in our various programs, what the employment search process has been like this year, and perhaps how the two are intertwined? Is Fuqua seeing increased applications in a tougher job market?
  2. A number of professional schools have been pulling out of US News Ranking. Although this hasn’t happened yet with MBA programs, how do you think this trend might impact business schools? Can you provide an update on Fuqua’s current standing in the rankings, and what are we doing to address or improve our position?
  3. In the wake of the recent Supreme Court cases challenging affirmative action policies, what is Fuqua’s strategy regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion and how do you anticipate these cases might change our efforts? 
  4. It was great to see that you just hosted Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla for a Distinguished Speaker Series conversation. Can you comment on how Fuqua’s Health Sector Management program and the impact of recent changes and disruptions to the industry?
  5. We were all sorry to hear you will be stepping down as Dean. As you think about your long and distinguished tenure as Dean, where do you think you made the biggest impact for Fuqua?
  6. Will you comment on the process for identifying your successor?
  7. In what ways can alumni be engaged with and support Fuqua right now?