January 2022 Session

Erin Gasch and Bill Boulding


On January 27, 2022, Erin Gasch, Assistant Dean, Development and Alumni Relations, sat down with Dean Bill Boulding to ask him about the state of the school via questions that were submitted by Fuqua alumni. His answers are linked below:

  1. What is the current interest level in our various programs, what is Fuqua doing to make sure we get the best students, and why should a talented person go to Fuqua over another top school?
  2. What is the student experience like in our various programs this year and what is the current student “climate”? 
  3. What has the employment search process been like this year and how are our students faring in the job market? 
  4. What is Fuqua’s current standing in the rankings, and what are we doing to address or improve our position?
  5. What new accomplishments and initiatives will Fuqua be focusing on for the next few years and beyond, not including Covid issues?
  6. What is the state of Fuqua’s finances and fundraising and how do we currently compare to other top business schools?
  7. More and more employers and investors are focusing on the impact companies have on communities and on environmental and social responsibility. How is Fuqua incorporating ESG into courses and programs?
  8. How is our curriculum preparing students for the opportunities and challenges of technology, such as machine learning, AI, data analytics, and cryptocurrency?
  9. How are we preparing students for jobs and leadership in the health care sector?
  10. What keeps Dean Boulding up at night?
  11. In what ways can alumni be engaged with and support Fuqua right now?