August 2022 Session

Noelle and Bill


On August 3, 2022, Noelle Owusu-Akyaw '12, MBA '17, Chair, Fuqua Minority Alumni Advisory Board, sat down with Dean Bill Boulding to ask him about the state of the school via questions that were submitted by Fuqua alumni. His answers are linked below:

  1. Attracting the most talented students to Fuqua
  2. Job market for recent graduates
  3. Differentiating Fuqua from other business schools
  4. Global economic environment and its impact on Fuqua
  5. Importance of fundraising
  6. Fuqua's response to online MBA programs
  7. Fuqua's anti-racism scorecard and DEI initiatives
  8. Ways that alumni can engage with and support Fuqua
  9. Fuqua and business school rankings