Campaign Details

Among top business schools, recruiting for the best students and faculty is fiercely competitive. The way we attract the finest faculty and most promising students is through endowed professorships, scholarships, and innovative programming. However, we don't have the same wealth as our peer schools. Indeed, we've made incredible strides with few resources; but to continue our trajectory of excellence, we need a stronger endowment. Learn more below about why your generosity is critical to our future.

Our students are smart and ambitious, creative and collaborative, and representative of a broad spectrum of backgrounds and aspirations—and they are equally attractive candidates to other top business schools. Not only do the best students have their pick of programs to attend, they also often make their choice based on scholarship offers. Endowed scholarships give admissions officers the leverage they need to recruit the students who will make the biggest impact on their classmates, the school, the Fuqua brand, and beyond.  

To illustrate our position relative to our peer schools, only 39% of Fuqua's scholarships are endowed—the rest come from the Fuqua Annual Fund and our operating budget, which are subject to competing demands and market shifts. By comparison, Harvard and Stanford fund 85-90% of their scholarships through their endowments, and Columbia and Northwestern fund over 50% from their endowments.

As the global economy changes and becomes more intertwined, the need for student programming that bridges the gap between academics and practice grows. Your support for academic programs—particularly those that tie together study and practice—will ensure we have a solid foundation to provide industry-relevant learning opportunities to our students. 

The type of programming your contributions could resource include finance boot camps, programs for entrepreneurs, and courses like Cultures, Civilizations and Leadership (CCL). Finance boot camps bring practitioners to Duke to lead one-day sessions that help students apply their skills and deepen their comprehension of industry best practices. The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation enlists seasoned entrepreneurs to guide students in launching a new venture. And finally, the CCL course helps students understand the cultural and regional underpinnings of global business. 

Through dynamic teaching and cutting-edge research, our faculty is key to our success. Ranked No. 1 for intellectual capital by Bloomberg Businessweek (2008 - 2012), we have the most productive research faculty of any U.S. business school, and their research is making waves with both academics and practitioners. However, compared to peer institutions, we have far fewer endowed faculty chairs—just 36% of our professors are in chaired professorships, compared with nearly 50% more at Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, and Northwestern.  

If we are to recruit and retain a world-class faculty, we must be able to support them and their research at a level comparable with our peers, so they can continue to provide a stellar teaching experience for our students and make meaningful contributions to the advancement of global business.