Daytime MBA 2014 Class Gift

The Daytime MBA 2014 Class Gift

Team Fuqua,

On behalf of the Development Fellows, thank you for your participation in and support for this year's Class Gift Campaign. We are incredibly proud of your commitment to Fuqua and investment in the school's future. We hope that this gift is the first of many ways that you will give back to your MBA experience, and we look forward to seeing you at the one-year reunion April 24-26, 2015!

2014 Development Fellows

Here are our results to date:

Gifts: 400 
Dollars: $30,627.14
Participation: 94.33%

Daytime MBA 2014 check presentation

Daytime 2014 Class Gift Team

Daytime MBA 2014 Class Gift Team

Gil Bezerra

Hometown: Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil

Meagan Brasher

"I give to our class gift to ensure that future Fuquans have the resources for an even better experience than I had. It is important to me to invest in a community that has given me opportunities to transform into a better person and business woman and to continue to do so long after graduation." Hometown: Norfolk, VA

Rishi Gupta

"I gave to give back to a school that has already given me so much. To honor those that laid the foundation for my time, and to continue to make this place the best place in the world to spend two years of your life." Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Rich Karcher

"Giving back to Fuqua is a re-investment in your education, the future experiences of others, and the overall brand which makes this place so great. I believe in paying it forward and want to ensure that future members of Team Fuqua have the best experience during their two years in Durham." Hometown: Hollidaysburg, PA

Trey Kirby

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Eleonora Koury

Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela

Rae Krucoff

"I give to Fuqua because I am committed to leaving this place that has given me so much even better than I found it. The Annual Fund makes a huge impact in providing more Fuquans with even more transformational experiences here in Durham, and I am proud to say that I am a part of that effort." Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC

Wonjae Lee

Hometown: Daegu, South Korea

Alexia Park

"The reason I give to Fuqua is simple: Fuqua has given me so much and it will add value to my life even after graduation. Through Fuqua, I've had opportunities that allowed me to explore a new world, challenge my personal limits and find out my own impact path both in career and life." Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Haibo Wang

"Fuqua has given me a sense of family and belonging, helping me raise self-awareness, transition into a new culture, and strive for excellence. Through the class gift, I show my appreciation for a transformational experience at Fuqua and demonstrate my commitment to developing the community." Hometown: Chongqing, China

Grace Webster

"I give to Fuqua because I want to ensure that future students have the faculty, facilities, and financial support to realize their personal and professional goals and build lasting relationships, just like I did!" Hometown: Washington, DC