Keller Scholarship Recipients Meet with Dean Emeritus Tom Keller

Twelve current recipients of the Keller Scholarship—Fuqua's most prestigious merit award—sat down for lunch with the scholarship's namesake, Dean Emeritus Tom Keller, and Dean Bill Boulding on March 27. The Keller Scholarship provides full tuition to a select group of students who have shown stewardship, leadership and impact—all key characteristics of those in the Team Fuqua community.

Dean Keller shared with the students the story of Fuqua's founding and our journey from a small regional business school to a top global business school. He told the story of J.B. Fuqua's connection to Duke and how his generosity was instrumental in the school's growth and ultimate naming as The Fuqua School of Business. It was through J.B. Fuqua's encouragement that the school built connections in Russia, transforming Fuqua into an international business school ahead of many other business schools. He also spoke with the students about the concept of Team Fuqua and its longtime use as a description for the ethos that our students embody.

Dean Boulding shared with the students that the Keller Scholarship, which was created in 1997, is now supported entirely through the school's operating budget and, in turn, the thousands of donors who give to the Fuqua Annual Fund each year. Given Dean Keller's history in building the school and his focus on community, it is only fitting that a scholarship named in his honor is the result of the collective effort of many. Dean Boulding encouraged the students to consider making future investments in Fuqua through the Annual Fund to ensure that the Keller Scholarship can support those who will continue to build Team Fuqua well into the future.

Learn more about the creation and growth of The Fuqua School of Business by viewing our "Evolution" video.