New Giving Societies Honor Former Deans Tom Keller and Rex Adams

Fuqua is pleased to announce two exciting changes in the way we recognize our leadership donors. We have renamed our leadership donor society (individuals giving $1,000 or more annually to Fuqua) from the Isle Maligne Society to the Thomas F. Keller Leadership Donor Society, honoring Dean Emeritus Tom Keller.

Naming our leadership-level donor society after Dean Keller is particularly fitting because during his tenure as dean the concept of Team Fuqua was born—a philosophy that we can do more together than we can individually. By pooling many gifts from key business leaders and philanthropists, Dean Keller raised the amount needed for Duke to charter the Graduate School of Business Administration. As Fuqua has grown to become a world-class business school, the collective power and generosity of many leaders continue to be our best assets.

In addition, we have created a second new giving society to honor donors whose cumulative giving has made a significant impact in Fuqua's success and growth. The Rex D. Adams Society recognizes individuals who have provided cumulative gifts to Fuqua totaling $50,000. These donors, like former Dean and current Board of Visitors member Rex Adams, leave a lasting legacy through their leadership and continuing support of the school.

We are happy that the creation of these new donor recognition societies enables us to honor two important leaders who were instrumental in Fuqua's creation and its rapid rise to become a world-class business school. Deans Keller and Adams continue to be indispensable to the school as advocates and advisors, and their support and love of Fuqua have had an enduring impact on Fuqua's culture and community.