Keller Society Leadership Circle

We are grateful for our dedicated alumni serving on the Keller Society Leadership Circle. Representing a cross-section of programs and decades of the school’s history, they are some of our most consistent and generous donors to Fuqua. They are now furthering their commitment to Fuqua by serving as an advisory committee and peer advocacy group for a three-year initiative—the Keller Society Step-Up Challenge. As members of the Leadership Circle, they have committed to supporting Fuqua at the Keller Society level ($2,500 or more annually) for the duration of the challenge, and to providing advice and feedback on this new initiative. Thank you, Team Fuqua!



A message from the Co-Chairs of the Keller Society Leadership Circle:

In May 2022, more than 1,000 graduates will walk across the stage and set forth into the world as Team Fuqua, bringing new leadership to their companies and communities. Whether they work in such fields as finance, marketing, health care, consulting, or social impact, they will carry a core tenet of their Fuqua education to their roles: a great team will always beat a great individual. We know, because we are part of that team, too.


As co-chairs of the Keller Society Leadership Circle, we believe in Fuqua’s mission to train leaders who can bring together people from different backgrounds in highly effective teams that act with common purpose. We are dedicated to helping the school achieve this, in part, by raising the bar for philanthropic support of the school. Today, we invite you to join us as members of the Thomas F. Keller Leadership Donor Society.


For almost 50 years, Fuqua has recognized individuals making annual gifts of $1,000 or more as leadership donors. Over that time, the cost of providing a world-class business education has risen exponentially. As Fuqua takes its place among the world’s elite business schools, it is time for us, the school’s strongest supporters, to also step up. As of July 1, 2021, donors making annual gifts of $2,500 or more will qualify for membership in the Thomas F. Keller Leadership Donor Society. Students and recent graduates up to four years post-graduation may join the Keller Society with a minimum gift of $1,000.


To drive momentum around these changes, we are excited to kick off a three-year Keller Society Step-Up Challenge to encourage alumni and friends to demonstrate their leadership in our community by joining the Keller Society at the new giving level. We have ambitious goals for our school to be the best in the world because we believe in Team Fuqua. You are part of this team, and your support matters. We hope you will step up to the challenge by committing to a three-year pledge at the new leadership level and helping us to meet our membership goals.


2021-2022 1,500 alumni and friends
2022-2023 1,750 alumni and friends
2023-2024 2,000 alumni and friends


Join us in paying it forward to ensure Fuqua continues to recruit the most talented students. Because when they embark on the world as Team Fuqua, it makes us all better.


With gratitude,


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Andrea Chan MBA '98

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Sylvia Escobar MBA '95

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Anton Sahazizian MBA '00

Keller Society Leadership Circle

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