What Drives Companies to Join Corporate Groups?

Professor Sharon Belenzon, looked at companies in Europe to see what moved them to have group affiliation. He and his colleagues found that new companies and companies with higher capital needs are more likely to organize into larger groups.

The MPG Illusion with Professors Rick Larrick and Jack Soll

Instead of calculating car efficiency by miles per gallon, Rick Larrick and Jack Soll found it's more informative to calculate it using gallons per mile. When comparing cars this way, you'll see the true difference in fuel efficiency between various autos.

The Economic Outlook

Professor John Graham's CFO Survey has predicted the global business outlook for 70 quarters. It receives roughly 1200 responses, world-wide. Upon analyzing the data he can determine where different regions are headed economically.

The Dangers of Positive Stereotypes with Professor Aaron Kay

It's intuitive that negative stereotypes lead to negative thoughts and feelings. Then do positive stereotypes lead to more positive impressions? Professor Aaron Kay's research addresses this topic with surprising results.

What makes Someone Choose a More Challenging Job?

Will you take a job that is more challenging? Professor Peter Ubel found that most people will opt for the boring job over one that's more interesting if they feel they aren't being compensated for the extra effort.

The CMO Survey with Professor Chris Moorman

Twice a year, Professor Chris Moorman (in partnership with the AMA and McKinsey) collects and analyzes the opinions of top marketers. The results of the CMO survey help predict the future of markets, track marketing excellence, and improve the value of marketing.

How to Get Conservatives to Buy Green

If you want to get more people to buy your "green" products, Professor Rick Larrick suggests you'd be better off touting their financial incentives or energy independence rather than their environmental benefits.

When are Consumers Most Influenced?

In the consumer controlled digital age, all hope is not lost for advertisers. According to Professor Gavan Fitzsimons, viewers seem to be most influenced when their defenses are down and fast forwarding through commercials. Fitzsimons and his fellow researchers also found that if you want to get the greatest impact, place your product advertisement next to one that is very different.