Happy Birthday!

We asked the alumni celebrating a birthday today (June 18), "Where are you now?" Here's what they said:

Sebastian Barba MBA '03

I'm living in Chicago and enjoying all that this city has to offer in both personal and professional ways. I continue to build my career in the health sciences industry while also developing a few entrepreneurial ventures that I feel very passionate about.

Robert Bash MHA '73

I graduated from Duke in 1973 with a Master's in Healthcare Administration.  I have enjoyed a career in hospital administration for the past 40 years.  We are living in Alexandria, LA, having been retired for the past two and one-half years.  I am still married to Linda, 45 years, and one of our two daughters lives here in Alexandria.  Our only grandchild lives with her mother, our other daughter, in California.  I am still doing some flight instruction as a hobby. 

Todd Darr MBA '87

I reside outside Philadelphia with my wife, Christine, and I am a principal with my own commercial finance company, StarCap Finance Partners.

Misa Fujimura-Fanselow MBA '12

I am currently living in San Francisco and work at The Bridgespan Group advising non-profits and foundations on their strategies. I'm looking forward to celebrating my birthday in Mexico City this weekend with Nicolas Maya MBA '12!

Kate Kim MBA '06

I'm in Seoul, Korea, working as Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Director of Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong for the medical device sector in Johnson & Johnson.

Nancy Mayer MBA '82

I am still living in Durham, married to the same husband as when I was going to Fuqua, retired from the USEPA, mother of two married sons, a grandmother to a wonderful granddaughter and a part-time lawyer in solo practice concentrating on elder, disability, immigration and probate law.

Megan Mulligan MBA '13

After joining the health care consulting practice at Oliver Wyman post-MBA, I recently accepted a position with Collaborative Health Systems in White Plains, NY. I serve as the Chief of Staff of the company's growing Accountable Care and Value-Based Care Business. I reside in Manhattan, NY.

Mike Rayder MBA '85

Thirty years after Fuqua, I am living in Cumberland Foreside on the coast of Maine; commuting ten minutes to Portland where in my role as SVP and manager of the TD Charitable Foundation I am responsible for $17.0 million in company-wide philanthropic donations annually. Life is good!

Luisa Rubino MBA '01

I live in Milan, where I have been since I graduated in 2001. Now is a great time for the city, it hosts the Expo until end of October. The theme is "Feeding the planet," very interesting, so if anyone comes to visit please contact me.

Sarika Sangwan MBA '06, MEM '07

Eight years after graduation, I find myself living in my favorite city (NYC or as JayZ refers to it, the city where dreams are made of) and happier than ever. As a Digital and Social Media Marketer, I spend most of my days Tweeting, Facebooking, Instagramming, and Pinning for @AmericanExpress. In the evenings you'll find me doing the same thing but all the posts and pics are of adventures with my 5-year-old daughter, and #PartnerInCrime, Simrin.

Michael Stoll MBA '92

Not much at all to hear from this aging fellow.  Certainly not a dynamic Duke Fuqua a-type at this stage. Blessed with some good fortune and a wonderful loving (and frugal) wife, I retired early in mid-2013. Now I spend my time giving back, traveling around, and generally spending as much time as possible with my wife, my grown children and our baby grandkids.  I enjoy the luxury of time to read the newspapers, especially the NYT and WSJ. And because I'm not working for a paycheck (No W-2 in 2014!), I work at saving every day.  It's really easy in our abundant society. It's good and I'm grateful every day.

Michael Stoll Michael Stoll Michael Stoll

Brady Thomas MBA '06

I am currently working in NYC as the underwriting director for CNA insurance.  My wife, Emily, and I moved to Highlands, NJ last year with our son, Brady Thomas IV, who will be turning 3 this fall.