Happy Birthday!

We asked the alumni celebrating a birthday today (November 19), "Where are you now?" Here's what they said:

Varun Aggarwal MBA '12
I'm working as a Market Manager at Philip Morris International (Altria Group Inc.) and based out of Dubai (UAE). Living here is quite fascinating, given how well connected this place is with the rest of the world. I am married and have a baby girl (1 year). Look forward to connecting with other Duke alumni passing by the region.

Nilesh Chordiya MBA '14
Right now, I am at too many places doing too many things but can't complain! I work as Senior Director & Client Partner with Cognizant, and I travel weekly between Raleigh, NC and Pittsburgh, PA. I am also working with my WEMBA buddies on a start-up. Weekends are awesome and I spend time with my wife and two daughters in Raleigh, NC.

Alison Finger MBA '93
I am living in Cambridge, MA and Rowayton, CT. I work in Cambridge at a biotech—bluebird bio—where my role is SVP Commercial Launch, and I am the leading the strategic planning and launch execution for our therapies in rare diseases such as transfusion dependent Thalassemia and Childhood Cerebral Adrenoluekodystrophy. I am extraordinarily lucky to be part of this organization which is at the forefront of bringing gene therapy into clinical practice around the world. My weekend home in Rowayton, CT is close to my horses and training as I continue to compete at a national level in showjumping—mostly in the northeast and Canada in the warmer months and in Florida in the winter months. So, life is great for me!

Shreya Krishnamurthy MBA '11
I'm based in the Bay area, working for a life sciences company, Thermo Fisher Scientific, as a Sr. Manager, Global Marketing.

Katya Kuleshova MBA '13
I'm now in my office in Holly Springs, NC, working on operations strategy for Seqirus—a new company that is now the second largest influenza vaccine provider in the world. I'm very excited about this new beginning as well as about my upcoming three-week long journey to Peru. I am collecting materials for a book about ancient Peruvian cultures: Moche with their hierarchical society, warfare and ritual sacrifice of defeated warriors; Paracas with their cavernas where mummies were found wrapped in beautiful textiles, Nazca with their famous lines that could only be seen from the air. After reading a lot of anthropology research, I am going to explore their sites in remote Peruvian locations to feel the vibe of these places and talk to local people to learn more.       

Ruta Laukien JD/MBA '01
After 12 years in investment banking, I opened up a restaurant/gallery in Boston called Liquid Art House in 2014. L.A.H. is an interactive "art hospitality" experience combining showroom, gallery, restaurant, lounge and online platform.

Jose Mejia MBA '88
Most people ask: Where in the world is Jose Mejia? I am usually in some cool place around the world:  Buenos Aires or Hong Kong, or San Francisco and Chicago or New York, and of course southern Italy and southern Spain and Miami Beach. I feel lucky that I am usually in some fun place.  I am typically helping companies grow and making money and having fun. I consider my base San Francisco. Wishing everyone a smile and lots of money and lots of fun. 

Margaret Mountjoy MBA '15
Going through my Sales rotation as part of the Business Leadership Program at Coca-Cola. Selling in new products and strategies to our biggest customer, McDonald's. It's exciting work at a time when innovation and collaboration is essential to the growth of both businesses.

John Nicholson '72, MBA '74
After a career with IBM and Lenovo, I have been teaching and mentoring for the last six years in the Master of Engineering Management Program of the Pratt School of Engineering. Since I am also an EE undergrad from Duke, I have come full circle!

Patrick Reaves MBA/MEM '12
My wife and I are happily settled in Portland, OR, with our basset hound, Wilson. I'm still loving work with Nike's sustainable business and innovation team, and I'm gearing up for my fourth Boston Marathon in April.

Bobby Richmond MBA '08
I'd say, "Making the world a better place through scalable fault tolerant distributed databases with ACID transactions."

Kathleen VanDervort MBA '13
I'm currently the Sr. New Business & Brand Manager for Luxury Beauty at Amazon.com in Seattle. Since joining, I've already had three Fuquans from my class join the company as well!

Wendy Webster MBA '04
My career has spanned multiple roles in the health care industry from clinician to administrator, mostly at Duke.  I currently serve as a Division Administrator with Duke Surgery supporting clinical operations across Surgery and direct responsibility for two of our 15 divisions: Advanced Oncologic and GI Surgery and Urologic Surgery. The job is an intersection of operations, finance, research, education and innovation.

Frank Wilde MBA '01
I'm in the Bay Area running a software development org at Apple. My teams oversee software tools we use in our consumer and enterprise channels, primarily sales operations and staffing tools. And I work with a few other Fuquans, including Jeff Williams MBA '91, Deirdre O'Donnell MBA '05 and ultimately Tim Cook MBA '88.