Hire an MMS Student for a Winter Internship

The MMS students will be available during Winter Break from December 17–January 15 to participate in an internship. Are there areas in your organization in which these students could engage in an entry-level, professional "winternship" project? From marketing to finance to research to analysis, the MMS Class of 2016 can provide your organization with free or low-cost assistance on specific projects for various lengths of time. Interns may work remotely or on-site, depending on your company needs. Included the below are links that give a brief overview of this year's MMS program and class for your reference. 

Best of Both Worlds Overview and Curriculum 2015-2016

2016 Class Statistics - FoB

Winternship Overview

If your organization has one or more winternship projects with which an MMS student can assist, we are happy to facilitate the process of posting these positions to the students. Please reach out to Allie McClarnon, allie.mcclarnon@duke.edu, for more information.