Welcome, New Board Members

This fall, Fuqua welcomes 19 new members to its three alumni boards: the Alumni Council, the Minority Alumni Advisory Board, and the Health Care Alumni Advisory Board. We are grateful for their advice and counsel! Visit the volunteer section of the website to learn more about each of these boards and to view a full roster of members.

Alumni Council

Russ Andrews MBA '94
Isela Bahena MBA '04
Carlos Canino MBA '09
Trey Eppes MBA '11
Jason Goldberg MBA '03
Garrett Laughlin MBA '13
Tom Rogers MBA '05
Andrew Rutter MBA '07
Squire Servance MBA '08
Jonathan Smith MBA '06
Mike Wade MBA '03

Minority Alumni Advisory Board

William Crowder MBA '99
Marcus Shaw MBA '05
Paul Williams MBA '10
Randy Zeno MBA '86

Health Care Alumni Advisory Board

Sharon Bracken MBA '13
Rony Golczewski MBA '04
Laurie Gomer MBA '13
Richard Welch MHA '92