Happy Birthday!

We asked the alumni celebrating a birthday today (November 17), "Where are you now?" Here's what they said:

Warren Demurjian MBA '88
I've been back in my hometown of Cherry Hill, NJ, since the year 2000.  I'm busy helping Amy to raise our teenage daughter, Aubrey, and 5th-grade son, Teddy, and serving as the VP of Sales Strategy for a five-year-old health care analytics company called Pulse8.  Work and parenting, that's what I do, but the job and the kids are doing great, so it's well worth it.

AnaRita Eason MBA '97
After over 20 years with IBM, I moved to Lenovo with the x86 Server division in 2014.  I am currently the Executive Director of Solutions Development and lead a global team of architects that release Lenovo's Data Center Group offerings such as SAP, High Performance Computing, Big Data and Cloud. My husband and I are enjoying an "empty nest" and stay active.  Our oldest son married earlier this year and will graduate from Brody Medical School in the spring.  Our younger son just started UNC law school.

Jim Emery MBA '95
I am on the faculty at Fuqua, where I have been teaching for the last 10 years.  I am co-director of the Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum (FCCP) and most of my teaching is in the HSM area and includes several experiential learning courses. 

Jun Young Jung MBA '10
I currently stay in Austin, TX. I'm working at Samsung electronics. Specifically working at Samsung Austin Semiconductor as a finance manager. Until last week, I worked in Korea but I just changed my office in U.S.

Kevin Kardel MBA '12
Living in Detroit, MI, and head of global strategy for Meritor's Aftermarket & Trailer divisions.

Arturo Mora MBA '16
I am proudly representing the Class of 2016 while pursuing a new career in Atlanta, GA!  I'm working at a unique financial entity (Sterling Gabriel) to help SMBs overcome obstacles to fund their growth.   In my spare time, I am using my new motorcycle license to explore all that Georgia has to offer.

Alyssa Niles MBA '16
I'm currently working at eBay in the Bay Area in a product management role that encourages people, from all walks of life, to become mini (and some major) entrepreneurs by selling on the eBay site.

Bryan Rakowski MBA '07
After a six-year stint in Latin America, I moved to Singapore in January 2015. I'm looking after the brand equity side of the business for Mondelez International brands like Oreo, Chips Ahoy!, and belVita in our Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Africa region. Watching Duke play can be tough with the time difference, but I still find some ways to sneak in a basketball game here and there.

Bimal Shah MBA '01
I am back in Durham, now for 11 years on this stint. I am the Service Line Vice President for the analytics and research business for Premier, Inc. (a health supply chain, consulting and informatics business based in Charlotte, NC). Enjoying life with my 2.5 year old daughter, and Rina continues in her role working at a subsidiary of LabCorp.

Julie Streng MBA '01
Still living in Greensboro, NC, and am a stay-at-home mom of two daughters.  I help with my husband's small business as needed and am thinking of re-entering the workforce…just need to find the job that suits a 9am-2pm availability!