Helping Fuqua Prosper

Brian O'Dwyer MBA '05 and his wife Monisha O'Dwyer MBA '05, Fuqua admissions volunteers in Singapore, not only help to attract new students to Fuqua's programs, but they provide Fuqua with local context that has helped improve recruiting efforts.

For example, in discussing the school, admissions officers usually include a segment about the social aspects of attending Fuqua. With an eye toward appealing to potential Southeast Asian candidates, the O'Dwyers recommended that the school remove the social life component of the presentation during the holy month of Ramadan.

"Brian has been good about giving feedback on our presentations," said Allison Jamison, Associate Director and alumni volunteer manager for Fuqua's Admissions Office. "He helps us tailor the presentation to the local market, and offers cultural insight."

For Brian and Monisha, volunteering with admissions is a way to help Team Fuqua continue to attract high-caliber candidates and students, building the school's global brand.

"The school isn't as well-known in Singapore as some of its peers," Brian said. "In an area where Fuqua is less well-known, it's a great opportunity to promote the brand in our own local market."

Because she was an Admissions Fellow as a student, Monisha was not new to helping with admissions and interviewing when she signed on as an alumni volunteer. By interviewing candidates and sharing her experience and information about the school with prospective students, she is able to reinforce the values and culture of the school.

"We want to attract the right people to Fuqua, and the message we give affects who we're going to attract," Monisha said.

"What differentiates Fuqua are the intangibles - the community, the network, the Team Fuqua spirit," Jamison said. "It's one thing for me to tell somebody about Fuqua, but to hear it from alumni who have lived it and feel strongly enough to share their experiences. . . that makes a huge difference. They convey the genuineness and spirit that is Duke."

There are numerous ways alumni can get involved with Fuqua Admissions. Like the O'Dwyers, alumni can assist by:

  • connecting with prospective and admitted candidates at events
  • conducting interviews for the Daytime MBA program
  • providing feedback on applicants
  • recommending an applicant

"It's not very time consuming, yet you can make a great impact on the quality and the future of the school," Monisha said. "You're raising the bar and the caliber of the school. It's definitely something worth spending a little time on."

To get involved, visit the admissions volunteering page.