The Reason I Contribute

In the 90s and earlier, US business schools primarily attracted US citizens. Since then, international representation has grown (40 percent of the current Daytime MBA class comes from outside the US), and students are exposed to a wide range of global perspectives.

As someone who has lived in Canada, Switzerland and other parts of Europe, Paul Doody (MBA '93) understands first-hand the importance of a global business education. Seeing the growing European alumni network and a stronger push for a diverse student population, Doody was called upon by Fuqua to help launch the European Regional Advisory Board in 2012.

We really wanted to think about ways we could actively leverage the connections we have in the region, and our alumni are our biggest asset," said Alexis Mellon, Regional Director for Europe. "We were looking for business perspectives from people in the region who understood the culture and languages, and who already had robust professional networks."

The European Regional Advisory Board focuses on three main areas: recruiting students, making connections with European companies and building the alumni network. It is composed predominantly of alumni, like Doody, who hold senior-level positions in a variety of industries and geographies and who represent a broad span of Fuqua programs and class years.

Doody's volunteer support for Fuqua began while he was still a student. Doody served as an Admissions Fellow where he interviewed applicants and assisted with the admissions process.

"I like meeting people, so it came naturally," Doody said. "It was fun exploring, through the interview process, who would be a good fit for the school. When I left, it was an obvious transition to continue helping the admissions team as an alumni volunteer."
Doody has been especially helpful in communicating the value of a Fuqua education, understanding cultural differences, and even translating in some cases. He has also volunteered his time to participate on admissions panels for prospective students across Europe to discuss his experience at Fuqua. Doody served as a member of Fuqua's Alumni Council and has been instrumental in encouraging his classmates to participate in their 20th reunion.

"Doody clearly recognizes the valuable opportunity for Fuqua alumni to remain engaged and enhance their network and post-graduate experience," Mellon said. "In particular, he has strong European roots and is uniquely positioned to be able to speak to his fellow Europeans as somebody who is familiar with the nuances of the culture, but also as someone who has benefited from an American-style education."

"I benefitted tremendously from the education I got while at Fuqua," Doody said. "It enabled me to jumpstart my career and get ahead, which is why I contribute to the Fuqua Annual Fund. When we attract the best, most diverse, students to Fuqua, we strengthen the school and supporting Fuqua financially helps with that mission through scholarships."

"Paul is invested in the network, both the existing network of Fuquans and the future network as new graduates join the alumni ranks," said Mellon. "He understands that being connected to Fuqua and the alumni network is a mutually beneficial proposition."

To find a way to get involved, that suits your strengths and interests, please visit our volunteer section.

"Think about the time and resources you have available and how much you are willing to commit," Doody said. "Volunteering requires time, but the benefits are strong as long as you're clear as to what you want to accomplish."