Ways to Volunteer

There are many ways to keep your class engaged with Fuqua. Read more on how you can give back.

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Email Ashley Heath or call +1.919.660.2915

Current Class Communication Chairs:
View deadlines, samples, and upload photos here.

Class Communication Chairs serve as the point persons for collecting personal and professional news for quarterly publication in Fuqua's online class notes.


  • To solicit, compile, and edit classmate photos and updates on a quarterly basis for publication in the online class notes.
  • To share information with classmates via electronic mailing lists on behalf of Fuqua. This could include important school news or information that may affect your class.
  • To assist in finding a replacement chair when the current chair steps down.


  • A willingness to contact classmates and share information.
  • Good writing skills, attention to detail, and an affinity for compiling and cataloguing information.
  • Ability to be a positive, thoughtful ambassador for Fuqua who enjoys working and communicating with Fuqua staff.
  • Commitment to the mission of the school.

Selection of Class Communication Chairs:

  • Self-nominated or nominated by a classmate.
  • Recommended by the current Class Communication Chair as he/she steps down.
  • Solicited by Fuqua's Alumni Relations team.

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Email the Reunion Team.

Alumni volunteers are an important component to Fuqua's reunion program. We invite you to learn more about opportunities available and get involved with your class committee.  Sign up today!

Why volunteer?

  • To reconnect with classmates. 
  • To start, or continue, on a pathway to other volunteer opportunities at Fuqua. 
  • To accomplish a worthy goal and make an impact at the school. 
  • To develop or strengthen a relationship with Fuqua staff.
  • To live in the spirit Team Fuqua, even after graduation.

Reunion Volunteer Role

Using Duke's Volunteer Information and Communication System (VICS) all volunteers will be asked to select and reach out to at least 10 of their classmates to reconnect them with Fuqua, find out what they are up to now, discuss reunion weekend, and encourage them to attend.

Volunteers additionally will be asked to help:

  • Provide anecdotes to Fuqua's Development and Alumni Relations team about your time at Fuqua to help us tailor class communication.
  • Help recruit additional class volunteers for outreach activity.
  • Manage class-specific social media activity.
  • Gather and collect class photos - both current as well as from your time at Fuqua.
  • Reach out to favorite faculty to encourage them to connect with your class at reunion weekend.
  • Organize class-specific activities (example include, hash runs, FuquaVision, etc), if of interest to your class.

Volunteer Timeline

August - October:  

  • Reunion volunteer recruitment
  • Fuqua provides materials for communication to your class about reunion

November - December:

  • Begin using existing social media platforms (e.g., Facebook pages) or create new ones to start promoting reunion
  • Attend virtual VICS training


  • Volunteers register for reunion
  • Use VICS to select classmates for outreach 
  • Begin outreach to classmates


  • Continue outreach to classmates
  • Contact faculty about participating in class activities
  • Attend reunion April 20-22, 2018

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email megan.spanarkel@duke.edu or call +1.919.660.7748

Regional alumni groups promote communication and interaction among members of the Fuqua community through a variety of professional, social, educational, and family activities.

Successful regional groups start and grow with a strong leadership team. Responsibilities are shared by a team of two to four volunteers depending on the alumni base in the regional area. Alumni volunteers are encouraged to participate for a two-year term; a volunteer's term can be extended if the volunteer and the Alumni Relations team have interest.

Regional Leadership Responsibilities:

  • Conduct leadership planning meetings to develop the calendar of events for the coming year.
  • Serve as liaison between the region's alumni and the Development and Alumni Relations (DAR) office.
  • Plan events, social and professional, that reach a variety of audiences.
  • Where applicable, partner with the Duke University Alumni Group and/or the business school alliance for programming purposes.
  • Plan, in conjunction with the DAR office, for informed and enthusiastic successors to assure the continuation of an active Fuqua regional team.
  • Update personal contact information in the alumni directory.
  • Stay engaged and informed about Fuqua by reading alumni communications.
  • Work collaboratively as a team to coordinate programming in the area.
  • Manage communication through the email distribution list provided by Fuqua.
  • Provide content to the Alumni Relations team for the regional webpage.

Fuqua has three boards that are comprised entirely of alumni.

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Email Erin Gasch or call +1.919.660.1971.

Alumni Council

Visit our roster to see who is currently serving on the Alumni Council.
The 54 alumni who make up the Alumni Council reflect the school's diversity of programs, graduating years, and demographics. The Council's mission is to foster a strong, lifelong bond between Fuqua and its alumni. It also promotes and maintains the school's unique "Team Fuqua" culture which is based on leadership through collaboration, a trustful and supportive community, an appreciation of each individual's perspectives and contributions, and a passion for making a difference. 


  • To participate in two meetings per year (usually April and October) at Fuqua. Council members cover travel and accommodation costs. Fuqua covers activity and event costs.
  • To provide input and advice to Fuqua leadership on issues affecting the school.
  • To encourage productive and meaningful interactions at Council meetings and during the intervening periods.
  • To be active donors and give at the Keller Society level of at least $1,000 per year. Members are also asked to be active supporters of and advocates for Fuqua's fundraising efforts and to have an understanding of Fuqua's needs for philanthropic support.
  • To spread the word about Fuqua's activities, priorities, and opportunities for alumni engagement to the wider alumni community. To serve as a liaison to the school for alumni feedback, concerns, and ideas.
  • To advance the work of the Council through current initiatives by serving on Council committees or task forces that reflect the school's current needs.
  • To build the institution through strong leadership on class reunion committees and support alumni initiatives and events both at Fuqua and in their respective regions.
  • To help keep the Alumni Council strong and vibrant by promoting the opportunity to serve within the alumni community and suggesting candidates for the Council.


  • A strong commitment to Fuqua through volunteerism, involvement in Fuqua initiatives, attendance at events, philanthropic support of Fuqua, or willingness to increase philanthropic support.
  • Leadership in one's professional roles.
  • A passion for the ongoing success of Fuqua and its graduates.

Selection of Council Members:

Candidates may self-nominate or be nominated by fellow alumni, Fuqua faculty or staff. Alumni Council applications are collected and reviewed each spring by the Alumni Council Chair, Vice Chair, and the Development and Alumni Relations leadership team (known as the "Membership Committee"). The Membership Committee looks to create a balanced Council that includes representation from all Fuqua graduation eras and programs and has a gender and ethnic makeup that reflects the alumni base.

New Alumni Council members are seated in July and are invited to serve a three-year term with the potential to serve an additional two-year term at the agreement of both the Council member and the Council leadership.

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Email Katie Thomasson or call +1.919.660.7695.

Minority Alumni Advisory Board

Visit our Minority Alumni Advisory Board roster to see who is currently serving on the board.
The Minority Alumni Advisory Board is comprised of approximately 20 members who represent a broad spectrum of class years and programs.  It is led by an executive committee comprised of two elected officers (Chair and Vice Chair), appointed task force chairs (Admissions, Career, and Development and Alumni Relations), and staff representatives from Development and Alumni Relations, the Career Management Center, and Admissions. Created in 2008, the board provides Fuqua with a formal structure for nurturing, growing, and capitalizing on the resources of the underrepresented minority community.

(The Fuqua School of Business recognizes underrepresented minorities as being permanent U.S. residents of African American, Hispanic American, or Native American descent. )


  • To increase Fuqua's efficiency and effectiveness in identifying, recruiting and yielding underrepresented minority students.
  • To increase institutional support for minority students.
  • To enhance minority giving to Fuqua.
  • To strengthen relationships and communication among members of the minority community.
  • To provide support for career mentorship, including preparation for minority conferences and transitioning from the classroom to workplace.
  • To provide a formal structure to bolster connectedness amongst alumni, current minority students, and Fuqua's administration.
  • To serve on one of the following task forces: Admissions, Career, or Development and Alumni Relations.


  • A strong commitment to the school through volunteer efforts.
  • Demonstrated financial support to the school.
  • A commitment to building the underrepresented minority community of Fuqua students and alumni.

Selection of Board Members:
Self-nominations are welcome along with nominations by Fuqua alumni or staff. New members will be selected by the Executive Committee.

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Email Erin Gasch or call +1.919.660.1971.

To Join Our LinkedIn Group

Select the Fuqua Health Care Network subgroup Fuqua's Alumni LinkedIn group.

Health Care Alumni Advisory Board

View the Health Care Alumni Advisory Board roster to see who is currently serving.

The Health Care Alumni Advisory Board was created in January 2011 to strengthen and promote the value of the Health Sector Management program and to enhance the professional and personal development opportunities of alumni in the health care community. The Health Care Alumni Advisory Board advises on issues that impact current students, Fuqua graduates, and the school's reputation.

The board is comprised of individuals who have completed a degree program at Fuqua and work or have strong professional interest in the health care industry. Every effort is made to represent the diverse membership of the alumni community in regard to Fuqua's programs, class years, health care specializations, and geographic areas.


  • To participate in two board meetings per year (usually in November and April) at Fuqua. Council members cover travel and accommodation costs. Fuqua covers activity and event costs.
  • To ensure productive and meaningful interactions at board meetings and during the intervening periods. Meetings should provide a balance of social and business opportunities and are geared toward creating a strong sense of ownership in the future direction and success of the school.
  • To advance the work of the Board through current initiatives and by serving on Board committees or task forces that reflect the school's current needs,
  • To support the fundraising efforts of the school by understanding Fuqua's requirements for philanthropic support and being active donors to the school.


  • A strong commitment of time, talent and capital to Fuqua.
  • Leadership in their professional roles.
  • Passion for the ongoing success of Fuqua and its graduates.

Nomination and Selection:
Candidates may self-nominate or be nominated to serve by a fellow alumnus or member of Fuqua's faculty or staff. The standard term of membership is three years with the opportunity to renew for an additional two-year term. Nominations are collected and reviewed annually by the board's Executive Committee and members of the Fuqua Development and Alumni Relations team.

Alumni can volunteer to sit on a panel, be a guest speaker, or mentor students as they begin their career.

Learn More About:

  • Becoming a CAM by emailing Fiona Behm, Program Manager.
  • Key dates and important information here.
The Career Advisor for MMS (CAM) program began in 2010 with 40 MBA alumni providing career support to approximately 100 MMS students. Over the years, MMS students have found the insights and expertise of these alumni to be beneficial to their job searches and future careers.

For many MMS students, this will be the first time they have written a formal resume, or cover letter and/or conducted a professional interview. The CAM program helps to prepare MMS students for their career search by conducting resume reviews, cover letter reviews, and mock interviews. Learn more about our Durham- and China-based MMS programs.


  • To assess an MMS student's interpersonal skills, interview readiness, and areas for improvement.
  • To complete an evaluation of each student's readiness and interpersonal skills.
  • To prepare and guide MMS students in the networking and mock interview process.

Meetings are usually held via Skype from August - October unless other arrangements have been made to meet in person. All MBA alumni and MMS alumni who graduated three years prior can hold Career Advisor to MMS positions.

Student clubs, regional clubs, and the Career Management Center regularly ask alumni to be guest speakers or panelists both inside and outside the classroom.

If you're interested in serving as a guest speaker, email the Alumni Relations team or call +1.919.660.7970

To Learn More

Email the Admissions Office.

The Admissions Office relies heavily on your help to recruit students. Many undecided applicants have chosen Fuqua based on positive interactions with Fuqua alumni, and many of our best students have been referred by alumni. 


  • To promote and enhance the global reputation and benefits of Fuqua's programs.
  • To encourage prospective applicants whose personalities, needs and motivations are well suited to Duke.
  • To increase our yield by converting more students from admitted to enrolled status.
  • To assist the Admissions office with recruitment activities.

Ways to Volunteer

There are several ways you can help the admissions team as they recruit the next Fuqua classes:

Throughout the fall, we sponsor information sessions in major cities for people who have expressed an interest in applying to Fuqua. If you live in or near one of these cities, we will contact you 3-4 weeks prior to the event. The sessions typically include a presentation by a member of the Admissions staff and a current student, an alumni panel discussion, and an opportunity for candidates to mingle with alumni. Even if you are not comfortable sitting on a panel, we need your help to answer general questions and discuss your Fuqua experience with attendees. Information sessions typically last no more than two hours.
We participate in MBA Forums held all over the world. Roughly 150 schools from around the globe attend these gatherings, which are similar to trade shows or career fairs for prospective students. Tables are staffed by alumni, students and Admissions representatives. Alumni may volunteer to staff the Duke MBA booth and speak with prospective applicants. If you live in or near a city hosting a forum, we will contact you 3-4 weeks prior.
Inform the school of important MBA fairs held outside the U.S. Our budget is limited and fairs can be expensive; however, we may be able to participate if we have alumni volunteers to represent us at the event.
You know what it takes to be successful at Fuqua. Please complete our alumni recommendation form and tell us why an applicant you know would be an asset to one of our programs.
Did you meet an applicant at an Admissions event who made an impression—favorable or unfavorable? Complete our applicant interaction feedback form to let us know. You should not complete this form for every applicant that you meet. Rather, this is to capture an exceptionally positive or negative interaction that should be conveyed to the Admissions Committee.
The interview is invaluable in assessing an applicant's general management knowledge, level of maturity, interpersonal skills, career direction, leadership skills, and English proficiency—all qualities we consider for acceptance to our programs. Applicants who interview on campus have the advantage of experiencing Team Fuqua firsthand as they can interact with our students and see our excellent facilities. Applicants who live on the West Coast or outside the U.S. get the best feel for the program and the Fuqua experience by interviewing with an alumnus or alumna, and learning about his or her experience.
Congratulate admitted students and answer any questions they may have about the Fuqua experience. Occasionally, a prospective applicant will ask to be put in touch with a local alumnus. Should this be the case, we would first contact you and confirm your availability, before asking you to contact the prospective student.