Volunteer Recognition

Alumni Impact Award

  • Established in 2001.
  • Recognizes individuals or teams who have helped advance Fuqua by investing their time and energy on a specific project.
  • Recipients are honored for their willingness to work out unique solutions that create positive outcomes and for taking the initiative to benefit the Fuqua community with their time, energy, and talents.

2016-17 Winners

Laurie GomerLaurie Gomer MBA '13

Director, Health System Partnerships, Syapse

Laurie is described as a go getter who thinks of great ideas and makes things happen.  As an MBA student, Laurie led an initiative to bring together alumni and students attending the annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference for an event in San Francisco.  With her ongoing involvement, her initial idea has led to a well-established annual event in San Francisco that attracts hundreds of Duke and Fuqua alumni and students from around the globe for the past five years.  Wanting to expand on the event's success, Laurie has spearheaded the development of a healthcare vertical in Northern California to include other health care focused networking activities. The partnership she cultivated with the Duke Alumni Association (DAA) as a student not only fostered the growth of the JP Morgan event over the last couple of years but also has become a model for similar industry events in other cities.

Laurie joined Fuqua's Health Care Alumni Advisory Board in 2015 and is an extraordinary asset. Laurie brings energy, optimism and the high level of engagement to discussions and activities of the board.

In addition to her effort around the health care community, Laurie created a LinkedIn Northern California Duke Alumni group that serves as a conduit for communication about alumni events and celebrations.

 2015-16 Brian Bell MBA '05
Amy Katch MBA '93
 2014-15 Matt Koidin MBA '05
Paul Straub MBA '05
 2013-14 Andrei Zuzin MBA '04
David Cummings '99, MBA '04
 2012-13 Warren Farr MBA '93
J.D. Lubenetski MBA '08
 2011-12 Bassam Bitar MBA '07
 2010-11 Shaun Horrigan MBA '10
 2009-10 Lisa Parker MBA  '85
Paula Weiner MBA '85
 2008-09 Matt Bailey MBA '99
 2007-08 Judy Maness MBA '83
Wenny Tung MBA '03
 2006-07 Kate Bostock T' 94, MBA '02
 2005-06 Chris Rae MBA '01
Javed Tapia MBA '91

Triangle Alumni Club Leadership Team
Michael Dombeck MBA '03, Tera Ferguson MBA '03, Todd Creech MBA '03, Jane Brown MBA '97,
Rod Santomassimo MBA '87, Mark De Cain MBA '02, Jonathan Brimfield MBA '03 and Jan Bouten MBA '03

 2003-04 Rod Santomassimo MBA '87
Jonathan Wigser MBA '94
 2002-03 Jon Sherwin MHA '78
William Randolph Smith MHA '72
 2001-02 Wendy Aims Rowe T '79, MBA '93
Janice Newsom MBA '77

Award for Exemplary Service

  • Established in 1991.
  • Recognizes individuals who demonstrate a dedication to the school through their time, energy, talents, or financial support.
  • Recipients have built strong networks through class activities, regional programming, corporate initiatives, board service, and/or service to fellow alumni, current students, and faculty. They have also led by example in showing others how to strengthen the bonds between Fuqua, its alumni and corporate partners.

2016-17 Winners

Terry SobolewskiTerry Sobolewski MBA '03

Chief Customer Officer, National Grid

Terry Sobolewski has been a tireless champion for Fuqua in every role he has held in his post-graduation career.  He has been especially instrumental in helping Fuqua strengthen its connections to the energy industry and has spoken to students in the EDGE Seminar class, participated in the annual Duke University Energy Conference, and devoted time and energy to accepting students' requests for informational interviews.  He has also been the impetus for raising corporate support from and recruiting of Fuqua MBA interns at National Grid, where he serves as a Chief Customer.

Most significantly, in summer 2016, Terry initiated and helped organize a forum for senior utility executives to come to Fuqua to discuss leadership challenges facing the industry.  As a result, the companies that Terry invited to that forum now recruit at Fuqua, and more importantly, Fuqua is increasingly seen among energy industry companies as a leading business school for energy sector thought leadership.

Terry continues to champion Fuqua's interests by helping Fuqua to plan and host the upcoming Spring EDGE Advisory Board meeting. He is generous with his time and expertise, despite a busy executive career, and gives back to Fuqua and our students in so many ways.

Mike WadeMike Wade MBA '03

Managing Director, Securities Industry Advisory, Deloitte & Touche

Mike is the Co-Leader of Deloitte and Touche's Securities Capital Markets Practice, and is the ultimate champion of the Master of Management Studies (MMS) program. Mike sets the standard for what positive alumni involvement looks like through his recruiting, mentorship, and work in Fuqua's classrooms. Mike provides his time to teaching classes and workshops at Duke and gives back actively on the Fuqua Alumni Council.  Over a sustained period of years, he has dedicated countless hours to the betterment of the MMS academic experience.

Mike is passionate about the learning and development of Fuqua students and recent graduates. Mike has elevated the educational experience of the MMS program by running educational career workshops for students each fall. He has an ongoing commitment to his Duke hires and he takes time to mentor them and ensure they stay on track at Deloitte.

In early 2016, Mr. Wade brought his guidance to all MMS students when he organized an MMS alumni-run career guidance program. The program connects recent alumni with current students to help provide advice on how to be successful during the MMS program and after graduation.

Mike has made Deloitte the largest employer of MMS students in program history, and in the process has elevated the program's profile domestically and internationally and strengthened Fuqua's ties with Deloitte tremendously.

 2015-16 Jeff Kovick '01, MBA '11
Rubens Passos MBA '99
 2014-15 Fred Isbell MBA '85
Jonathan Roth MBA '90
 2013-14 Teresa Niu MBA '09
Tyrone Thomas MBA '04 
 2012-13 Brian Derksen MBA '78
Christiaan Heijmen MBA '08
 2011-12 Joel Lipsitch MBA '02
 2010-11 Bharat Tandon MBA '86
Jimmy Childre MBA '01
 2009-10 Alison Levine MBA '00
Catherine Nelson MBA '85
 2008-09 Keith Artin MBA '99
Edward Magee MBA '99
 2007-08 Ken Burton MBA '98
Lynn Calhoun T '78, MBA '83
 2006-07 Bob Joyce MBA '87
 2005-06 Sharon Piech MBA '01
 2003-04 Sanjith Shetty MBA '95
 2002-03 Owen May MBA '83
 2001-02 Roy Kiefer MBA '78
 2000-01 Adrian Sawczuk MBA '97
 1999-00 Walter Simpson III MBA '74
 1998-99 John Rollins
 1997-98 Robert Garda E '61
 1996-97 J. Derek Penn MBA '84
 1995-96 Kirk Bradley MBA '86
 1993-94 Jack Bovender, Jr. MHA '69
 1992-93 Jennifer Farthing Bean MBA '86
Robert Price T '52
 1991-92 Robert Lane MBA '81

Leader of Consequence Award

  • Established in 2012.
  • Recognizes alumni whose exemplary professional accomplishments are matched by the significant positive social or environmental change they have created.
  • Recipients embody Fuqua's concept of a "Leader of Consequence" by using their degree to make a difference both inside and outside of the boardroom.

2016-17 Winners

Tom MitchellTom Mitchell MBA '07

Managing Director, Cambridge Associates

As Tom entered Fuqua in 2004, he was recognized as an inaugural Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) Scholar.  Tom was chosen because of his demonstrated commitment to the social sector, evidenced by his work at KaBOOM!, where he cultivated and managed funding partnerships to build scores of play spaces for deserving children, his consulting to the World Bank on education projects in Brazil, and the two years he served in AmeriCorps NCCC, as both a Corps Member and Team Leader on 11 different national service projects focused on education, environment, public safety, and unmet human needs.

While at Fuqua, Tom worked with Agora Partnerships, an impact venture group in Latin America supporting locally-owned and socially-responsible enterprises in Nicaragua.  Tom went straight back into impact work after graduating from Fuqua and joined Cambridge Associates.  Cambridge didn't have a dedicated group for impact investing at the time, so Tom and his colleagues convinced the firm that one was needed. He did the due diligence and work to start one, serving as one of three founding members of Cambridge's Mission-Related Investing (MRI) Practice, which specializes in developing and implementing investment strategies that integrate environmental and social objectives and seek holistic returns.

Tom returns to Duke regularly to engage with current students, to inspire CASE scholars, and to contribute to CASE's strategic vision.  He has served on the CASE i3 Advisory Council and has come to Fuqua to participate in impact investing panels at the Sustainable Business and Social Impact conference the past two years.

Tom continues to inspire the entire CASE team with his enthusiasm for his work.  He recently reiterated to the CASE community this past year his own belief that investing in solutions to inequality and climate change are more important than ever.

Peter WarlickPeter Warlick MBA '94

Vice President – Financial Analysis, American Airlines

Peter's career accomplishments are impressive.  Over his nearly 23-year tenure with American Airlines, Peter rose through the ranks in the finance department to Managing Director, Treasury, then to Vice President and Treasurer, then to Vice President of Fleet Planning, and now holds the title of Vice President of Financial Analysis. Peter is held in extremely high regard both within American and throughout the broader aviation industry, and embodies the spirit of collaboration instilled in him at Fuqua.

What sets Peter apart from others is his staunch commitment to turning significant personal adversity into a force for good for others.  In August 2015 Peter was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease).  There is presently no treatment and no cure for this horrible disease, and it is invariably fatal.  In typical Peter-fashion, though, he has refused to accept that there is nothing that can be done-if not for himself, for future patients. 

Peter diligently and thoroughly investigated current research efforts into finding treatment and an eventual cure for ALS to see how he could help. Through his research, he determined that the project with the best chance of making a significant difference is Answer ALS (www.answerals.org).  However, Answer ALS requires significant financial investment:  the cost of Phase 1, building and analyzing the database, is $25 million.  $20 million has been raised so far, and work has begun with Peter enrolled as one of the study patients.  Last fall, Peter established a fundraising effort, Warlick's Warriors:  Aviators Against ALS (www.warlickswarriors.org), to close the remaining $5 million gap by 2018.  Warlick's Warriors was launched with an anchor donation of $1 million from American Airlines and to date has surpassed $2 million in donations and pledges, in large part due to Peter's personal involvement leveraging his strong relationships throughout the aviation world including other airlines, aircraft manufacturers, lessors, and lenders. 

While many people would choose to turn inward when faced with such a health crisis, Peter has chosen to turn outward, view his predicament as an opportunity to help others, and take meaningful, thoughtful action to ensure some good comes of his struggle. 

 2015-16 Tim Jeffries MBA '03
 2014-15 Alex Michalko MBA '10
Jeff Jablow MBA '05
 2013-14 John Troy MBA '09 
 2012-13  Paula Alexander MBA '98
 2011-12  Paul Sansone MBA '92

May-Penn Award of Excellence

This award was established in 2006 in honor of Owen May MBA '83 and Derek Penn '79, MBA '84 for their longstanding commitment, leadership, and exemplary service to The Fuqua School of Business. The May-Penn Award of Excellence is the highest honor Black and Latino MBA Organization alumni can bestow upon a peer.

This award will honor the alumnus/alumnae who actively participates in annual events, is accessible to students, and is connected to the broader community through his/her interaction with the faculty and administration. The recipient of this award should be recognized as a leader within the Fuqua community as well as in his or her profession. The individual recognized with the May-Penn Award of Excellence is an inspiration to those around him/her and a role model to those coming after him/her.

2016-17 Winner

Isela BahenaIsela Bahena MBA '04

Senior Director, TIAA

Isela is an outstanding alumni volunteer who generously gives her time, talent, and resources to support and advance Duke wide initiatives. She is held in extremely high regard by the Duke and Fuqua administration, her fellow alumni, and current students. 

Her dedicated service to Fuqua and Duke includes:

  • Mentoring MBA and MMS students
  • Serving on Fuqua's Alumni Council
  • Leading efforts to enhance the representation of Latino students and the engagement of Latino alumni at Fuqua
  • Giving back financially as a member of the Thomas F. Keller Leadership Donor Society
  • Serving as a panelist for Duke Financial Partners
  • Participating in her class reunion committee
  • Serving as an impact player within the greater Duke community as an active member of the Duke University Hispanic/Latino Alumni Association 
 2015  Anne Sempowski Ward '94, MBA '04
 2014  Tonya Registre MBA '09
 2013 Mark Williams '92, MBA '96
 2012 Eva De La Rosa MBA '05
 2011 Tyrone Thomas MBA '04
 2010 Theresa Jones MBA '98
 2009 Ken Burton MBA '98
 2008 Ed Magee MBA '04
 2007 Kelvin Baggett MBA '06
 2006 Owen May MBA '83
Derek Penn '79, MBA '84