Top Picks for Holiday Reading

As the holiday season approaches and many of you reflect on the past year and make goals (and resolutions) for 2016, the team at Fuqua's Career Management Center wanted to share some of their "Top Picks" for career-related books or blogs they've read over the course of the year. Happy Holiday Reading!

Steve Dalton MBA '04, Program Director for Daytime Career Services

The Charisma Myth by Olivia Fox Cabane: Charisma isn't just something you're born with—it can be learned (e.g., nod more slowly and less often). The author argues that the key driver to charisma is presence, and the biggest barrier to presence is discomfort, so her book focuses on practical tips for managing your discomfort and improving your charisma in the process.

Ryan Smith, Director of Student & Alumni Career Services

An HBR article, "How Gratitude Can Help Your Career," from October 1, 2015, on "managing yourself" has some simple but great reminders about the power of gratitude even for self-development.

Getting to the Top: Strategies for Career Success by Kathy Ulrich is another great read that provides good breadth about the real-life career trajectories of executives across multiple industries.

A book I have recommended before but recently recounted is Marshal Goldsmith's What Got You Here Won't Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful.  He has an especially valuable discussion about how feedback can fade as one rises in his or her career and how to be proactive in gaining feedback.

Ben Thomason MBA '04, Sector Director, Finance

For those seeking positions in financial services the Pillars of Wall Street website provides a great summary of a selected "deal of the week."

Laura Lane, Associate Director for MMS Career Services

I really like Katharine Brooks' You Majored in What?: Mapping Your Path from Chaos to Career. It is a fabulous book, and I personally subscribe to her Chaos Theory when it comes to careers. Additionally, she writes a blog called "Career Transitions," found here:

I also like this blog about finding meaning in work.

Susan McClanahan, Sector Director, General Management

A collection of blogs I frequently browse and would recommend are listed below:
Blog | Impact Interview | Impact Interview - insights into interview questions - top stories on business careers - online community for people who want to grow - a global community for women who create, inspire and lead - Sheryl Sandberg's website for women to "lean in" at work outside the home - Arianna Huffington's website for mindfulness and wellness at work - Reid Hoffman (founder of LinkedIn) career advice

Lisa Schwartz, Program Director for Weekend Executive MBA and Alumni Career Services

For alumni with children starting to think about the world of work, The Start-up of You by Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha will offer a very modern perspective on how to enter into and effectively navigate a career while facing constant change and ambiguity.

Mackenzie Sullivan, Sector Director, Social Impact / Sustainability

Profession and Purpose by Katie Kross (Managing Director of Fuqua's Center for Energy, Development and the Global Environment (EDGE). I recommend this book for alumni who are interested in social impact or sustainability careers. It is not just a how-to guide, although it is that, but also includes profiles of MBAs working in sustainability and social impact careers. It's also rich in concrete resources, and includes industry-specific LinkedIn groups, Twitter feeds, resources to read, and job boards. A brand-new addition was released in 2015 so it includes up-to-date information on rapidly evolving careers. 

Jennifer Fink, Associate Director for Daytime Career Services

The books I enjoyed reading this year were The Truth about Negotiations by Leigh Thompson, Pitch Perfect by Bill McGowan, and The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership by
Jim Dethmer, Diana Chapman, and Kaley Warner Klemp.

Fiona Behm, Program Assistant for Working Professionals and Alumni

A great book that I read recently is Timothy Butler's Getting Unstuck: A Guide to Discovering Your Next Career Path. I think a lot of people can find themselves facing a career impasse and wonder what to do next, especially when they've worked hard for many years to establish a career they thought they wanted. Timothy gives some practical advice and exercises for moving through the impasse and towards career transition or change.