Interview Preparation

Interview Stream

Interview Stream provides a simulated interview experience. With just a web cam and computer, you can record practice interviews at your leisure—review and retry them as often as you like. Interview Stream gives you access to expert tips, tutorials, pre-built interviews and the option to customize your own interview by selecting from a menu of 3,500 questions. After you've finished recording you can complete a self-evaluation or if you choose, email your interview link to a peer or your career coach.

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JobJuice is a simple way to review business concepts and prep for interviews in the finance, investment banking, strategy, consulting and marketing industries. Using a simple deck of theme cards, you'll be armed with powerful business concepts to help you crack the most challenging cases, valuation problems and job fit questions. JobJuice also has a mobile app that helps you prep for consulting case interviews, gives tips on salary negotiation and educates you on how to search for a job through social media.

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