reacHIRE Is Getting Women Back to Work in Seattle

Looking to return to work after a career break? Leading corporations in Seattle are hiring reacHIRE professionals. reacHIRE—a company focused on helping professional women re-enter the workforce—is recruiting for 15+ positions in the Puget Sound area. 

reacHIRE is currently accepting applications from talented women eager to return to the workforce after a voluntary career break. If you have a track record of past professional success, outstanding academic credentials, and a strong desire to restart your career in a full-time job, then reacHIRE may be the program you are looking for!

Their Seattle-area hiring partners are looking for qualified candidates who are interested or experienced in the following functions:

  • Product Management
  • Marketing
  • Business-to-Consumer Engagement and Support
  • Technology/Engineering

To qualify, you must have at least an undergraduate degree from a 4-year college and have taken a voluntary career break lasting a minimum of two years. An advanced degree is a plus. reachHIRE is seeking action-oriented, results driven, solution focused candidates. Applicants should be curious, adaptable, and have an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. The ability to think both strategically and analytically is a must.

To apply, visit