Resources for Women Re-Entering the Workforce

For many women who have had a break in their careers but wish to rejoin the workforce, the process of re-entry can seem daunting and path no longer as clear. The good news is that there are a number of organizations across the U.S. who work with, and advocate for, women navigating this return to the workforce. We've listed some of them here:


Après is a digital recruiting platform that connects highly educated and accomplished women looking to return to the workforce with companies seeking the talent and diversity this demographic brings. Après offers members the tools they need to successfully navigate their reentry into the workforce, including original content, online tutorials and vetted career coaches. Most importantly, Après features a curated job market with a variety of job types across a range of sectors.


A strong advocate for the unique value that returning professionals bring to the workforce, and for the employers that engage with them, iRelaunch produces innovative products and services for professionals seeking to return to work after a hiatus and for employers recruiting from this talent pool.

iRelaunch works closely with employers to develop paid reentry internship programs for returning professionals. It also works with umbrella organizations on initiatives in which groups of companies pilot return to work internship programs at the same time. Universities and professional associations engage with iRelaunch to provide turnkey career reentry programming for alumni and members, through live events, webinars, and online content.

iRelaunch also empowers hundreds of individuals returning to the workforce after extended leave through its small group and individual coaching programs.


reacHIRE is a professional platform designed to elevate and connect businesses with the more than 3 million women who are committed to resuming their careers and delivering immediate value.

Since 2013, reacHIRE has partnered with innovative companies who appreciate the perspective, skills, loyalty and leadership of professional women who are passionate about bringing their experience, knowledge and drive back to the corporate world.

reacHIRE's customizable, national training and recruitment platform gives companies access to untapped talent not on the radar of traditional recruiters. Our women have outstanding academic credentials, degrees from top graduate programs and leadership experience across industries. reacHIRE women receive the training and business skills necessary to make successful and lasting transitions.

With the highest retention rate of any return-to-work program on the market, reacHIRE women don't simply re-enter the workforce, they return and they thrive. Our partners don't just fill jobs, they fulfill their mission to create diverse and dynamic workforces.