Anastasia Solovaniuk
"A strategist for Microsoft, a Chinese Argentinian working for Sinopec, a sales executive from Pennsylvania, a Brazilian marketer/journalist/TV presenter, an army officer, a consultant – our team has very different professional experiences which make our discussions enriching, regardless of the subject.”

Daytime MBA

Class of 2018
Consulting, Energy

Prior Education:

Smith College
Government, 2008
Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Why I Chose Fuqua

I was looking for a top school with a strong energy program, where I would learn the basics of business within a global context. Fuqua’s academic experience starts with Global Institute, focused on the institutions and dynamics that affect business in different parts of the world before your core courses (accounting, finance, marketing, strategy, etc.) begin. The cohort is also international, with 40% of each class coming from outside the US and most everyone gaining additional global experience before graduating.

To be frank, the fact that Fuqua was clearly an outstandingly supportive environment seemed like a “cherry on top”—yet it proved to be one of the defining features of the experience.

5 Places to Go for Coffee in Durham

  1. I walk to Fuqua as often as I can, and Joe Van Gogh Coffee is about 2/3 of the way—getting their truly perfectly blended latte is one of my favorite breaks.
  2. Brunch at Monuts—the line (they don’t take reservations) on the weekend is a great opportunity to catch up with friends.
  3. There is an outstanding presentation space at Counter Culture where you can check out one of their Friday morning coffee tastings.
  4. Triangle Coffee House is close to both Station Nine and Berkshire Nine, and they serve London Fog.
  5. Cocoa Cinnamon has three locations in Durham and great reviews from my friends.

My Life Before Fuqua

Oil and gas in Ukraine—the country was introducing the EU Third Energy Package and deregulating and opening the gas market. I was in the strategy and reform team that served as the middleman for the transition.

My Life After Fuqua

I would like to get a broad understanding of how business operates while developing my knowledge of the energy sector and learning how to manage change there—either through a career in consulting or a management trainee program.

My Fuqua Activities


Consulting Club

Energy Club

Culinary Club

Association of Women in Business

Admissions Ambassador

Leadership Cohort Experience

Leadership Engagement and Discussion Series

EDGE Seminar

Consulting Club

The Roadmap series provides an excellent overview and preparation for the recruiting process.

What I Love About My Clubs

I love how easy it is to step out of your “circle” and meet both people interested and experienced in absolutely different fields!  Within the Energy Club framework, people interested in renewable energy, oil and gas, and energy efficiency come together to learn from each other about the principal trends within each industry. I got involved in the Culinary Club because I think food is one of the best ways to bring people together—our  restaurant series events are open to both first and second years, and we explore the vibrant and developing foodie scene in the area.

Student Network

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Anastasia Solovaniuk Daytime MBA

Anastasia Solovaniuk

Class of 2018