Anupam Gupta
“As the MBA Association’s first VP for Health & Wellness, my objective was to understand the needs of the student body in terms of stress management and wellness. I worked with various student organizations and the MBAA co-presidents to organize workshops and events to help students manage their health holistically.”

Daytime MBA

Class of 2018

Prior Education:

Mumbai University
Information Technology / Engineering, 2009
Mumbai, India

Why I Chose Fuqua

I wanted a business school that could provide me with not only the best opportunities for professional success, but also avenues for self-development and a collegial atmosphere. I was impressed by Fuqua’s commitment to leadership development and the strong sense of community that permeated the fabric of the school. As an international student who had never lived outside of my hometown, it was vital that I went to a school that embodied a sense of community and belonging, and I found that at Fuqua.

5 Best Fuqua Activities

  1. Wine Around the World: Hosted by the Fuqua Wine Club on the last Tuesday of every term (four times a year!), Wine ATW is a Fuqua cult event. The chance to sample 12 wines in 2 hours and socialize with classmates and partners is never to be missed!
  2. Fuqua Friday: A meetup of the entire Fuqua community every Friday, including faculty, staff, partners, and best of all, Fuqua kids! The food and drinks are also a plus.
  3. Friendsgiving: The weekend before Thanksgiving, sections and teams generally host a “Friendsgiving,” especially to introduce international students to the world of turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes.
  4. Fuqua Formal: The night when Fuqua gets classy and dances the night away in a black-tie optional event.
  5. Fuqua’s Got Talent: A talent and singing competition where the whole school comes together to be astounded by and cheer on the sheer creativity and talent in our community.

My Life Before Fuqua

I was a technology consultant for 7 years before Fuqua. I helped global firms in the pharmaceutical, commercial banking, retail, and insurance industries determine how to best use data and develop digital marketing solutions based on consumer analytics.

My Life After Fuqua

I will be a management consultant in the digital consulting space for McKinsey & Company in Atlanta. My job will be to ensure that top global firms have a firm grasp on how technology is evolving, how they can leverage their existing infrastructure and expertise, and how they can develop leaner and more robust business practices.

My Fuqua Activities

MBA Association

Admissions Fellow

Fuqua/Coach K Center On Leadership and Ethics Fellow

Teaching Assistant—Accounting, Finance, and Marketing Strategy

My Summer Internship Experience

I was a summer associate for McKinsey & Company in Atlanta.

What I Love About Durham

Durham is a great introduction to life in the U.S. The region has a perfect blend of outdoor and indoor activities you can indulge in depending on your inclination (and the weather!). The best part about going to school in a small town is that you can get entrenched in the community wholeheartedly. Most Fuquans move here for school and are looking to connect with their peers, which builds a great community. The food scene is continuously evolving, with new restaurants opening frequently, and even for a vegetarian such as myself, there are plenty of delicious options. If you are into trail running, hiking, mountain biking, or pretty much any outdoor activity, Durham and the nearby beaches and mountains will keep you occupied.

Student Network

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