Cecilia Zhong
"As an international student, I was worried whether life here would be too overwhelming. But what I never expected is that there is actually a ton of support to help us through."

Daytime MBA

Class of 2018

Prior Education:

Fudan University
Korean Language / Literature, 2010
Shanghai, China

Why I Chose Fuqua

I appreciate both leadership and the spirit of teamwork. I find Fuqua is the place that harmonizes these two qualities. Fuqua students, faculty, and staff are unbelievably smart, authentic, humble, collaborative, and supportive. They're willing to spend extra time just to help each other. The strong bonding and tight-knit network attracted me the most because I strongly believe that people are the true differentiator when it comes to choosing a school.

Also, the greater Duke community, the beautiful weather in Durham, and countless fun things going on make me more than happy about my decision to be here.


5 Best Section Events

  1. Friendsgiving” Dinner: Domestic students, made Thanksgiving dinner for all the international students with home-made food.
  2. Drinks Around the World: International students hosted a drink tasting event by introducing special drinks from their home countries.
  3. Section Ladies’ Night Out: A cozy night with wine, cheese, and girlfriends talking about school, life or any concerns/challenges not usually discussed. 
  4. Coffee Chat: Section mates are randomly paired to have a half hour talk over coffee/lunch/dinner. Great way to get to know people with whom you don’t normally socialize.
  5. Talk: Section mates give a 3-minute talk on anything, such as “How I wore my service uniform on board an aircraft carrier” or “How Italians use hand gestures to communicate.”

My Life Before Fuqua

I worked 2.5 years as a Research Analyst in the Technology, Media, and Telecom (TMT) industry at McKinsey, and 3.5 years as project lead in channel business for Apple in Beijing and Shanghai.

My Life After Fuqua

I'm pursuing a product marketing/product manager role in the high-tech industry.

My Fuqua Activities

Association of Women in Business

Tech Club

Outdoor Club

Tech Club Lunch & Learns

Second years and alumni share their experiences in product management and marketing roles

What I Love About Durham

Durham is a foodie town, and I enjoy the restaurants—I have my favorite Korean place (Minga), favorite sushi place (M Sushi), favorite pizza (Toro), and then Maple View Farms for organic ice cream where you can also watch the cows! My favorite brunch places are too many to name.

I came from a big city and have never lived in a place surrounded by such great nature. I love the trees, trails, blue sky, and wild life even in the neighborhoods. In summer, swimming in the outdoor pool and enjoying the sunset, I sometimes wonder if I’m taking a vacation in a premium villa in Thailand!

Student Network

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