Penelope Amuyunzu

Congratulations on your acceptance to #TeamFuqua!!! My name is Penelope Amuyunzu, a first year MBA and a Blue Devil Weekend Co-Chair. Not too long ago, I was in your shoes, I know how hard you worked to get here, so if you haven’t already, take a moment to celebrate this win.

I remember the first major decision I immediately had to make was whether I would attend Blue Devil Weekend. I was coming from the San Francisco Bay Area and making the trip out here would be a big investment. I ultimately decided to come because picking my future MBA program was a life-changing decision and I wanted it to be as informed as possible.

Although I had already visited Fuqua, I needed to see it with “admit eyes”.  It was no longer about what I could contribute to Fuqua, it was about what Fuqua would contribute to me.

During BDW I was immersed in Fuqua’s amazingly diverse team-oriented environment. I met some of my new best friends and honestly had the time of my life celebrating my achievements with like-minded folks. Most importantly, I saw that not only would I fit in here, I would THRIVE. Attending BDW turned out to be the best decision I made, and I hope you make it too!

So now that I’ve convinced you to come, here are my top three recommendations for how to get the most out of the weekend:

Ask the tough questions. The Admissions Team started planning BDW before you took your first GMAT (or second or third). We’re going to show you what Team Fuqua means to us, but only you know what Team Fuqua will mean to you. Ask current students about the things you care about the most, if they don’t know the right answer, they’ll send you to someone who does. We LOVE to share our experiences and want to help you make the right choice.

Sit next to someone new during every session. These are your future classmates and the networking starts now. It’s an exciting opportunity to create early bonds with the people who will soon become your family. Plus, you may even find your next roommate!

Walk in your future shoes. If feasible, come here a day early or stay a day after to explore Duke and Durham on your own. BDW is a great opportunity to secure future housing, find your next favorite coffee shop or brewery, or treat yourself to a nice dinner in Downtown Durham. Trust me, you’ll get excited to call this your future home.


See you at BDW!!